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appeal tomorrow

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prh47bridge Thu 30-May-13 14:30:07

Sorry to hear you weren't successful but glad you are happy with the allocated school.

Frikadellen Thu 30-May-13 11:50:01

Unlikely to get on waiting list we are happy with 2nd choice and will settle there. We aimed for this school due to its specialism that is ds's preferred however other school is not a bad choice so he will go there and if we need to later on we will go for private lessons on the specialism if ds needs it.

Only 2 appeals upheld so I think that it was fair. (just not what I wanted laughs)

tiggytape Wed 29-May-13 19:06:31

Really sorry to hear it wasn't successful Frikadellen.
Did you get a letter explaining why the appeal was unsuccessful - are you happy that the points were reasonable even if the outcome wasn't what you'd hoped for?
Also, is there any hope from the waiting list? I seem to remember DS only just missed out so may be quite high up on the list and your allocated school is still a very good one. I know it must be very disappointing all the same - the whole process is so drawn out and takes such a lot of effort.

Casey Wed 29-May-13 18:45:40

sorry to hear that. What are your options?

Frikadellen Wed 29-May-13 12:38:55

Not successful.

Frikadellen Thu 23-May-13 00:24:15

thank you tiggytape it went ok I think I feel I put my points across all I can do now is hope.

tiggytape Wed 22-May-13 17:21:52

Hope it went well and that you get good news soon smile

Frikadellen Tue 21-May-13 13:49:26

I think I should just stick with what I have and wish for a lot of luck from everyone smiles..

kenny99 Tue 21-May-13 11:11:36

good luck

tiggytape Tue 21-May-13 11:04:48

Frikadellen - it should be the same panel as you saw last Thursday.
They hear stage 1 (at a group meeting in your case) and then hear the stage 2 appeals to complete their balancing of decisions. If stage 1 is over, that part of the appeal is concluded.

Last week the panel agreed with the school that it could not take all the people who were appealing. It agrees the school cannot cope with all of them. But that doesn't mean the panel cannot decide that some stage 2 appeals are so convincing that they outweighs the prejudice (harm) the school will suffer from taking any more pupils. If they believe this to be the case, those parents will win.
This is what you are aiming for. You agree the school cannot take every single person who is appealing for a place but you are telling the panel that your own reasons for needing a place are so strong that they outweigh the school's argument that they cannot cope with any more. If the panel agree then you can win your appeal.

Frikadellen Tue 21-May-13 09:48:03

thank you tiggytape stage 1 was last Thursday and the schools argument was upheld. I am concerned as the other local grammar school who also took in a bulge class did not accept any appeals this year..

Just hope this appeal view it differently

tiggytape Tue 21-May-13 08:25:26

oh and good luck for tomorrow - I hope it goes well.

tiggytape Tue 21-May-13 08:25:09

The appeal is in 2 parts (even if it is scheduled all for the same time slot).
Stage 1 deals with the school's case. The school will say why they are so full that any additional pupils will cause them problems. At this stage, you can point out they've had 3 extra in every year group and coped just fine / had an extended lunch hall built since last year or whatever it is that might help your argument.

You are unlikely to prove that the school's case is so weak that all of those appealing could be admitted but you may chip away at their points just enough that the panel gives them slightly less weight in the final balance of decisions.

Stage 2 is where you present your case saying why your child wants or needs a place and essentially showing that, when the school's case is balanced against yours, your need for a place outweighs the school's case for saying they are so full they cannot cope with any more children at all.

Frikadellen Tue 21-May-13 08:14:48

Suddenly being hit by a spat of nerves over this.

I have written out the argument for why our son should atten the school

However I am wondering do I actually say why I feel that the schools argument is less valid or stick with the questions I asked for the 1st hearing?

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