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schools in Leamington spa area

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theselegswermad Thu 16-May-13 05:09:32

Possibility that we will be relocating back to u.k this summer from Canada.
Husband will be working in Leamington Spa, need help with where to live.
We have 2 boys 11 +6 so are looking for excellent small state primary and secondary state schools.
I am really panicking as education wise they are 2 years behind, please help !!!

MummyCoolski Fri 17-May-13 20:58:42

I can't believe no one has replied! I live in the area and it is lovely. However my DS is only 10mo, so don't know much about schools yet! I have heard Milverton Primary being highly spoken of.

theselegswermad Fri 17-May-13 22:47:33

HI, thanks for replying, I am really worried as the nearly 6yr old(July) will only have completed Kindergarten here(reception) and will be skipping yr 1 not sure how hes going to cope?
We are also looking at Warwick and Stratford upon Avon, We are originally from the south(Surrey) so haven't a clue on schools and will be moving in July so not even sure we will get any places!

MummyCoolski Sat 18-May-13 06:18:53

Warwick is basically the same place. Secondary kids move between the two towns (there isn't actually a gap and only about 2 miles between the two centres) for school.

Stratford is a bit further and home to a pair of grammar schools (boys and girls). I don't think there is a non-fee paying selective in Warwick/Leamington.

eagerbeagle Sat 18-May-13 08:17:39

Hi. I live in this area so PM if you like. Lots of good schools, state and fee paying but tight priority areas.

Llareggub Sat 18-May-13 08:36:15

Lots of pressure for spaces around the good schools. Look at Warwick and Kenilworth too and the surrounding villages.

Llareggub Sat 18-May-13 08:38:53

North Leamington School will be the senior school you want. Brand new campus, it looks great. Myton in Warwick.

MummyCoolski Sun 19-May-13 00:25:27

Oh yes, NLS looks lovely. I saw the campus recently.

theselegswermad Sun 19-May-13 02:29:27

Thanks for all the recommendations so far, I'm leaning towards Kenilworth and Warwick for rental houses that I've seen online so far(anywhere to avoid) ?
I really like the look of Kenilworth Secondary and North Leamington schools but will they have any places available for Sept yr 7 ?
Primary yr 2 I haven't a clue, I guess it will depend on where we live?
If everything goes to plan we should be back by 1st July then can look at schools and be ready for Sept start if they have places !!

Do you think it might be worth considering getting the kids some tutoring for the up coming months to get them up to speed, especially the nearly 6 year old ? He has basic reading ,writing, sentences etc and basic math skills.
Thanks again for all your helpsmile

Llareggub Sun 19-May-13 13:46:41

It is worth giving the schools a ring to see if they have places. That's what I did when I moved recently. I had a child in a primary in Warwick and I am happy to share info if you like? He is currently in yr 1.

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