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Interview and y9 letter writing lesson!! Panic!!! Help p,ease!!!!

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janji Mon 13-May-13 14:42:45

Have just heard (10min ago) that I have an interview for English teacher at secondary school. Was encouraged by their head of dept to apply despite only having ks2 experience (was a deputy of a primary until resigned at Xmas due to bullying of new head) because many of the pupils at the secondary are lower attaining and on ks2 levels. High multi cultural inner city with many behaviour issues (my previous setting was v high social deprivation though not inner city).

I've visited the school and would love to gain experience in ks3 (which is what the post involves) but am already panicking about the lesson obs.

I have to teach a 50 mins lesson based on letter writing. Please help!

Have very little confidence and awful nerves due to being made to feel a failure by previous head (she was so bad, all teaching staff left (8 of us) and are struggling to move on due to her awful references and the way she systematically destroyed us!

Any help would be so appreciated. I need to do this; for my own confidence even if I don't get the job!!

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