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Anyone have a child in the Nicholas Hammond Acadamy, Marham??

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Lisawilson Mon 06-May-13 16:15:58

Hi, I am new to this so hopefully I do this right!

We are currently at Lossiemouth and are being posted to Marham in August. I have 3 children all of school age and I have been a little concerned about the senior school for my eldest. I have looked at the Ofsted report and the past history of the school and I am mortified to see that it is classed as not acceptable by them!
I am wondering if anyone has a child there and if the school is actually not as bad as I think it is. Anyones help in this matter is greatly appreciated, a very worried mother!!

QueenMatilda Mon 06-May-13 16:19:41

It's not a bad school, not the best, but not terrible. Remember that ofsted reports are politically motivated at the moment to force changes to academies

Lisawilson Mon 06-May-13 16:31:54

Thank you Matilda. You know how it is you only want the best for your children and as she is starting this year in Y7, I want her to be settled. I have looked at the Springwood High but just not near enough or convenient with the buses.
Thank you again smile

charly0976 Wed 03-Jul-13 21:56:12

Hi Lisa, My son went through the then Hamonds High School in Swaffham, it did have its problems many years ago but has moved on from the school it was. My son is now starting his second year Law Degree at Uni so he didn't do so badly! ...but our youngest is also due to start soon in yr 7 so I revisited the now Nicholas Hamond Academy to see what changes had taken place. I am pleased to say the new Principal has bought with her lots of positive change! In fact if you check out their web page they have a recent Ofsted Letter stating that the Academy is making Satisfactory progress, that last years GCSE results were up on previous years and that students were showing a positive attitude to learning!
I had to see for myself and was very impressed at their recent open evening for year 6 students, all staff were really helpful and happy to talk to me about the needs of my daughter.
I have since spoken to a few members of staff re transition and they have been very supportive. I know other parents who have seen the schools past 'bad press' and been unsure but once they have visited they have also been impressed by the new buzz that the Academy has.
I'd say do what I did and visit, or check out their web's very informative and you can see a good picture of what the Academy is all about smile
I hope this helps xx

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