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moving to selective area with year 8 DS

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zombiestomper Mon 06-May-13 10:22:01

Hi it looks 99% certain that we will be moving back to Buckinghamshire (Chesham) over the summer. Eldest DS is in his last year of primary here in ROI. He will turn 12 the 31st of August - I believe there is no lee way with getting him into year 7.
He has ADHD for which he is on medication with excellent results. He routinely scores the highest marks in his standardized tests,despite being nearly two years younger than some of his classmates . I am not hellbent on him getting a Grammar school place, but would like to have that option available.
How does one apply for entry to Grammar school post 11 plus?

tiggytape Mon 06-May-13 10:50:45

You won't be able to hold him back a year - he will go into Year 8 this September.
But you can make an in-year application for grammar school.
Like any other school, getting a place now relies on them having a vacancy. They cannot create a space for you if they are full (although you can appeal to try to make this happen if you want to).

If they have a vacancy in Year 8, they normally have a way of testing candidates to decide who gets the place or (if there's only 1 who wants it) tests to decide whether the child meets the required standard.

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