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Coopers Company & Coborn School, Upminster - 6th form, how good for music?

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MusicalKids Mon 06-May-13 10:14:38

Name changed for anonymity reasons.

Anyone have a DC at or knowledge of the above school for 6th form - especially A level music tuition.

Is the music really as good as the website says?
Is it worth over an hours journey?
How well do external students tend to fit in, especially if they know nobody and there is no induction day?
Will a slightly geeky and immature, not straight A* student cope there?

At open day, school claimed to be 'unashamedly academic' which gave my DC a bad feeling.


fairylightsinthespring Mon 06-May-13 17:23:02

Can't speak from recent experience but I went there 20 years ago and the music was amazing - we did G&S musicals, even light opera. It is VERY academic - those who were not headed to uni got no help to research alternatives, but 99% of students did go on, or took a gap year and then went. Geeks will do well there and find kindred spirits. A slong as he meets the entry requirements he should be ok I would think. In terms of if it is worth it, it depends on what the alternative is.

goldierocks Mon 06-May-13 17:39:52

Hi... my son attends Coopers. He loves the school, I'm also very pleased with it. We are 40 mins away and by no means the furthest.

Y12 has around 50 (out of 230) students who didn't attend through years 7-11. The external students go back (in Sept) a day before the others so they can start getting to know each other.

Both music and sport are very strong, alongside the academic subjects. Lots of different musical styles catered for, loads of bands (wind, brass etc) as well as a couple of orchestras. There are at least two week-long music workshops and a school musical every year along with numerous external concerts.

6th formers are expected to be on time for morning registration daily even if they have study periods/no lessons till the afternoon. Morning study periods must be taken in school (the new 6th form block/facilities are great).

Based on the last few years, your DC would need 8 GCSEs at B or higher to get one of the external places. If they have an exceptional talent for music or sport then 5 GCSEs at B or higher should be okay.

Pastoral care IMHO is fantastic, there is a very caring feeling about the place. Y7 students come from over 30 different primary schools so the school is very used to dealing with young people who hardly know anyone else. The students are encouraged to join in lots of extra-curricular activities (held during lunch and there are 30+ to choose from, e.g. beekeeping and robotics) to help them make friends.

Might be worth arranging a visit on a 'normal' day so you can see the school in operation.

Hope that helps....:-)

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