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Moving from Welsh secondary to England

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Katrini Thu 02-May-13 00:23:40

We will be moving to the Stockport area in w week and have just found out my partners DS has been turned down place at first choice school. He's moving from a Welsh first language secondary (yr10) into an English school. Do you think his best option would be to repeat yr 10? I have a Dr concerns about his level of education anyway. How would we go about it? Any help gratefully received

roisin Thu 02-May-13 01:45:29

Have you been offered an alternative school? Are you appealing the decision?

Once you have a definite place, contact the school and ask for their advice. Re-sitting yr 10 may be possible and may be a good idea. How does he feel about the idea?

admission Thu 02-May-13 11:24:39

Normally LAs are very reluctant to allow pupils to re-sit a year unless there is an obvious reason- maybe a major illness which meant they missed half the year.
I would request an appeal for the school you prefer as it is a major move, but you also need to look at other schools which are a possibility. Depending on exactly where you will be living you might want to consider schools in Cheshire East or Tameside.
I would be concerned about the situation over GCSEs. In Wales they have their own exam board and you need to establish what the preferred schools are doing in terms of exam boards and the courses being followed. Most schools will be well into the options in year 10, so there is a real possibility that DS will not be able to do any options that they had at the welsh medium school.

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