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Anyone with current yr9s not already started GCSEs...

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lljkk Wed 01-May-13 19:33:56

What are they doing during the next 4 weeks?

Most the high schools around here did GCSE options in yr8 but DS (yr8 right now) school will do it in yr9, so therefore during yr9 they will be finishing KS3 not already in GCSEs.

I phoned school today to ask about when would I best plan to take a holiday when DS is in yr9. I know not ideal to take him out in term time but I am trying to see family 4000 miles away who don't meet up very often and one of the few good dates is in May 2014, and I am trying to juggle best time for other DC, too. Student Support centre thought May was pretty safe, said Feb would be a huge problem, they do assessments in Feb.

Is that consistent with your experience, what are your yr9s doing in the next 3-4 weeks?

mummytime Wed 01-May-13 19:52:47

My DD is in year 9, they do not do Options early, but she is sitting a GCSE Functional Skills in English, also working for a French GCSE assessment, she has also been studying GCSE work in Science all year. They will also be doing placing tests for other subjects.

I have also noticed that in Geography she seems to be studying a unit very similar to a GCSE unit.

Ny DCs school has a zero tolerance policy on holiday in term time anyway.

lljkk Wed 01-May-13 20:00:15

So your DD is already doing GCSE modules, is that right, MT?

I wonder how other foreigners do it; I know in past I have heard dozens of stories about Bangladeshi or Nigerian etc. dual nationals taking their children back to home country for several months at a time. Our school not over-subbed in DS yr so losing place not an issue, either.

olivo Wed 01-May-13 20:02:09

I'm a teacher. We don't start GCSEs until year 10( except in Science I think). W just follow a normal y 9 scheme of work till the end of the year. I thought that was normal!

lljkk Wed 01-May-13 20:13:10

What would normal y9 scheme of work be like?

BooksandaCuppa Wed 01-May-13 20:28:43

At our school they will have ten days of internal exams in May ready for setting for GCSE sets. I wouldn't want a child to miss out on those for obvious reasons.

BooksandaCuppa Wed 01-May-13 20:30:01

Sorry, just read your ds's school assess in February. (Seems a little early, but hey ho).

mummytime Wed 01-May-13 20:40:00

There are very few Indian etc. families at the school, and a few Australian's go home every other year for a bit longer at Christmas at the most.

DD is not doing her options yet. She did GCSE Science work as they were considering her for triple Science, who do triple in the same time everyone else does double. Lots of schools do this, go ahead to GCSE Science in year 9, as otherwise it is mainly repetition.
She has to do French, so that is also already known for next year.

olivo Wed 01-May-13 20:58:11

Well, I teach MFl so we just carry on with our topic based schemes of work- so for year nine, holidays, including past and future tenses, the things they need to be on level 6+. Spanish they are not as advanced so the next topic I nthe book we follow!

TeenAndTween Wed 01-May-13 21:00:51

My DD is in Y9. She will not officially start GCSEs until Sept, except for short-course RE which started y9 to be examined end y10.

In the next 4 weeks she is doing usual work.
learning new stuff in maths (which will build towards GCSE)
learning new stuff in science (which will build towards GCSE)
learning new stuff in french (which will build towards GCSE)

also they have assessments in random subjects at random times. e.g. she has a history assessment this week.

she also has 'SATs' for maths / english and science in June, so in May will be doing some revision for these in and out of school.

tbh I would not dream of taking DD out of school for even a week at this time of year. She would struggle to catch up, and for her missing the teaching on a new topic in maths/science/french could mean she may not properly understand it for ages.

I would consider last 2 weeks of summer term though if I really had to. Any chance you could go without DD or her just go away for Easter or summer half term and if necessary come back to relatives / friends?

roisin Thu 02-May-13 01:42:02

Ds1's school does read yr9 options. But subjects are already working towards the GCSE curriculum and preparing for that, especially in core subjects; but even in options where many of the class may not be doing that option.

Next month they are also doing assessments in all subjects, which will be used for next year's setting.

lljkk Thu 02-May-13 08:19:18

DS school starts new year programmes after May half term each yr. So DS would start his GCSE schedule in June of 2014, hence the assessments in Feb 2014 (I guess). So then they can choose their options roughly late March time allowing for a few months of discussion. Maybe I lucked out in a school that can reasonably allow for a May absence.

TheWave Thu 02-May-13 19:17:13

Year 9 exams for DS in mid May. Starting GCSE options after half term. Are you sure there are no other exams after Feb?

lljkk Fri 03-May-13 07:30:04

I'm trying to figure out May 2014, and in my experience of schools, they themselves won't know until September 2013 at the very earliest. Anything could happen.

BackforGood Fri 03-May-13 13:40:53

My dd is in Yr 9. She has exams starting next week. The learning just continues, tbh. They haven't technically started GCSE courses, but the more advanced they get at any subject in Yr9 is going to make life easier in Yr10, surely, be that maths, French English or whatever.

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