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Will the independents ask to see SATS results?

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QuintessentialOHara Tue 30-Apr-13 11:10:39

Son is starting a local independent secondary in Sept 2013. They will be sitting their SATS in May.

Will the school ask for SAT results?

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 30-Apr-13 11:12:47

No because a lot/most independent prep/junior schools don't do Sats.

QuintessentialOHara Tue 30-Apr-13 11:26:44

Ah, thanks. smile

seeker Tue 30-Apr-13 11:27:43

I would check. They might.

senua Tue 30-Apr-13 11:47:19

They made an offer; you accepted; you have a contract. Unless it's in some small print somewhere, the SATs won't make a difference. The school probably won't care overmuch because they have their own admissions data to go on - why else would they have an admissions process!?

QuintessentialOHara Tue 30-Apr-13 11:52:39

I just wasnt sure whether they would use it for streaming the children into sets or classes, as the SATS data is newer than the exams the children sat back in January?

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 30-Apr-13 11:52:39

If there was an entrance exam it is likely that subjects will be set according to those results. If not then Sats info/info from the primary school may be requested or the school may decide to run its own tests in September.

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 30-Apr-13 11:53:13

Dd is going to an Indy secondary and won't have done Sats.

Ladymuck Tue 30-Apr-13 12:11:24

Most preps don't do SATS (and haven't had to follow the National Curriculum) so unlikely that the senior school will ask for them. Many schools will do their own baseline tests in September anyway.

Elibean Tue 30-Apr-13 12:16:54

Hey Quint smile

Is ds excited yet? Sorry, off topic, but have been hearing some lovely things about the school in question (dd1's teacher's children are either there or starting in September).

We are going to look at it for dd1, along with local state schools, so any tips for preparing would be very welcome in due course...could I pms you closer to the time please?

QuintessentialOHara Tue 30-Apr-13 12:19:11

Eli, he is very excited. Fab location and impressive premises, along with dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. (And not to mention 15 minute walk to school - tops) Did not detect the same snobbery as in some other schools. Please feel free to pm me! smile

trinity0097 Tue 30-Apr-13 17:21:56

I like to know them as a head of maths that has an intake at 11, but they are not the be all and end of of everything. We will have done our own testing before entry so know how your child would fit into our cohort who don't do SATs.

BooksandaCuppa Tue 30-Apr-13 18:02:04

Ds's school requested his Teacher Assessment levels (when the Head of Yr7 visited him at his state primary before the actual exams) and they used them to set for year 7 (their own feeder prep also uses nc levels).

They re-set at half-term using Cats, Sats and teacher assessment.

QuintessentialOHara Tue 30-Apr-13 20:57:28

Ok so I will assume that they will want to see them, just to be on the safe side.

He is doing revision work in school, and has had his test papers marked. Seems he is working at 70% at level 5 and some level 6 work. Not sure to what degree I should make him revise more at home on top of his homework.
Having sat the exams and interviews, it seems to me that he has just about had it with testing. Just wondering if they will expect to see better results at SATS and be disappointed.
Maybe I am worrying over nothing.

Mutteroo Tue 30-Apr-13 21:02:15

We were asked for a report from DS's primary school & when I asked about SATS, I was told that these were a good indicator of how DS performed on one day & it was better that they assessed him when he joined.

Good luck to your son OP!

BooksandaCuppa Tue 30-Apr-13 22:42:18

He's passed his entrance exam and has a place; I wouldn't worry about coaching any further to get better sats results purely for his secondary school setting. It's important he's put in the correct set and I'm sure they'll rearrange things if he needed to move up. Let him enjoy the end of yr 6 and the summer.

Ds got all 5bs with 5a for reading and he's in top sets (but non-selective secondary). (Bizarrely, some might think, I actually wanted him in middle sets because the class sizes are smaller than the top set, but really that's daft if his ability places him in the top set...)

Sounds like he's going to a lovely school; hope he enjoys it!

Elibean Wed 01-May-13 11:13:40

Thank you Quint smile

Yes, that is all in keeping with what I hear!

I wouldn't worry about his SATS, by the way. According to our Y4 teacher, the new school won't care about those or use them to assess ds. His current school may care, but not the next.

I'm not surprised he's had it with testing, that would be dd1 too. And with 5s and 6s he needn't worry!

ItsRainingOutside Thu 02-May-13 03:19:13

SATS results are to make the primary school look good and have little bearing on how an independent will select classes for new Year 7s. The entrance exam result will determine his set and they'll adjust that over the year if he's clearly in the wrong set. Exam week in May/June will determine which set he's in in Year 8 as well as help identify his target grade for the year. Certainly don't fret about him revising for the SATS.

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