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LINCOLN area MN'ers - considering LSST Priory for secondary school ?

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ILoatheProjects Thu 25-Apr-13 11:45:21

Have name changed for this "to protect identity of children" as they say in the newspapers.

DC1 is in year 5 and apparently we can now apply on their behalf for the masterclasses to attend when they move into year 6.

Anyone in the same boat ? Anyone knowledgeable about this ?

How onerous is the commitment to the classes and do kids get fed up of turning out on a Saturday morning etc ? Been there with a different weekend commitment requiring early turnout each week and it was hard work in the long run even though they enjoyed it once they got there.

Apparently DC1 would need to sit an aptitude test to see if they are up to it !

Are there many of us Lincoln area MN'ers considering LSST ? Does the attendance help your cause if you don't get a place based on distance ?

ILoatheProjects Fri 26-Apr-13 08:00:47

Clearly LINCOLN is a MN free area.

I fear I may have to go over to the darkside to find responses on this one.

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