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2shoes Tue 16-May-06 21:49:51

can anyone tell me when you normally hear if they have got them?

Milliways Tue 16-May-06 22:06:13

Think you will here quite quickly if you Haven't got what you want as they have to agree alternatives.

DD chose History, Geography, French & German (+ to do the separate rather than combined sciences) and is now thinking maybe one more fun subject might have been a good idea.

Blandmum Wed 17-May-06 16:13:32

We are telling our kids this week. Many of them have been 'sorted' for a while, but we have to wait until the odd 'clash' is worked out before we can tell them. In practice if your child hasn't been called in to sort out problems , they probably have the choices they want.

scienceteacher Wed 17-May-06 20:15:28

I was just chatting to DH about this. I am assuming that we will get what we asked for given that no subject was crossed out.

DS is doing English (which I think is two subjects), Maths, French, RS, History, Geography and 3 Sciences. He'll be taking RS and French in Year 10.

Milliways Wed 17-May-06 20:17:51

DD was told today that they will prob be sitting the Statistics GCSE as well as the normal Maths. ANy experience of this?

2shoes Wed 17-May-06 21:32:24

i do hope he gets what he wants fingers crossed

DaniellaC Thu 18-May-06 17:41:17

We have been told that we will get to know our definate options afetr the half term and if there are any problems we will get told in the next two weeks hth

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