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Should daughter take french as an option just because she can get a good grade?

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Madmog Wed 24-Apr-13 14:49:57

Although, we still have a while to think about options, my daughter asked her french teacher yesterday if it was compulsory she take a language. The teacher's reaction to this was that she was likely to get an A or A* even taking it a year early and she was surprised my daughter doesn't want to continue.

At the moment she's very much interested in some area of design, interior design, architect, web design.

My daughter said she doesn't enjoy languages, but just wondering if it would be a good to get an A/A* under her belt (even if it's in a subject that isn't relevant) in case she wants to go to college/university. Her maths and english are estimated to be 7.75 and 7.5, so not sure what levels she could get in these as I know most places will look for good Maths/English grades whatever.

xylem8 Sun 07-Jul-13 18:20:22

I would be a bit hmm at being predicted an A* in French a year early unless she has lived in France or has a French parent

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