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Due to move to Gloucestershire and need advice on Stroud High for Girls 11+

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SweetieBumMum Tue 23-Apr-13 14:41:12

Hi, its looking like we'll be moving to the Stroud/Cirencester area over the school summer holidays. My daughter was going to do the 11+ for schools in the North West this Sept/Oct for Year 7 admission 2014, but this is all change if the move goes ahead.

We had been told that for the North West area its maths, maths, maths all the way and we're working on non-verbal, verbal reasoning and maths, but looking at Gloucestershire websites it seems to suggest its just verbal reasoning. Would anyone know if thats right?

My husbands only just been offered the job which would mean moving and I'm giddy after spending 2 solid days on the internet looking for primary schools along with which high schools too.... Any advice would be gratefully received!

jo164 Tue 23-Apr-13 17:54:34

I am pretty certain that it is currently 2 45min papers on Verbal reasoning only. It is due to change the year after. Take a look at the 11+ forum Gloucestershire area, lots of really useful advice on there. You sit it at your first choice school, but can apply to the other Grammar schools in the area if you pass (Gloucester, Cheltenham).

SweetieBumMum Tue 23-Apr-13 20:50:41

jo164, thank you. Its such a different system. All schools in the Manchester area have their own exams which you sit at that individual school, all at different times, right from Sept '13 to Jan '14.

So you can imagine - I'm googling away and find its the same for all in the Gloucester area, exams taken on the same date. I was convinced I'd got it wrong.

Now just the small matter of finding a nice primary that can take three children in three different years... And a nice house to rent...

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