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The Green School (Isleworth)

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Strix Fri 19-Apr-13 11:32:35

if anyone has any experience of this school, I would very much appreciate your comments.

We are considering it for September 2014 entry.

ChippyMinton Fri 19-Apr-13 12:41:11

My friend's DDs go there and she is very happy with it, but I don't know anything specific.

mimbleandlittlemy Fri 19-Apr-13 15:09:44

A couple of girls from ds's school go each year and parents that I've spoken to seem very pleased with it but like Chippy I don't know specifics.

wheresthebeach Sat 20-Apr-13 19:21:14

I hear only good things...hope someone comes along who as direct experience as I've my eye on it for DD.

Glup Sat 20-Apr-13 19:48:15

I'm an ex-teacher from there. It was pretty miserable for the staff, as it is a highly pressurised environment where the senior management did not tolerate anything other than top-effort at all times.....of course, as a teacher you end up being grateful for that, really (though, dear god, the stress!). I regularly worked until midnight.

However, partially for that reason, I imagine that as a parent you would definitely want your child to go there. Academic standards are high and the pastoral side was generally pretty good.

The only reason I might not send my own child there is simply because it's an all girls' school. It's got the same problems as any all girls' school, with the extreme friendship fights, kids getting upset and paranoid because another child had looked at them funny- that sort of thing. It was always quite difficult to sort out bullying, because so often there would be the 'victim' saying that, essentially they 'had a feeling so and so didn't like them'.......but there would be nothing tangible to deal with.

To be honest though, it is a very oversubscribed school (the OfSTED 'outstanding' helps!), so you would be lucky to get a place.

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