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Surrey co-ed school- good for sixth form

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Happymum22 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:44:28

DD is at one of the Guildford academic girls day schools, she is in year 10 and recently expressed a desire to look around elsewhere for sixth form. She loves her school but is keen to look at some co-ed schools, it is not definite she will move until we've weighed up the options. Boarding is flexible as well -ideally she is my youngest DD and I want to keep her at home and my baby as long as possible
I am reluctant for her to move, her two older sisters stayed at the girls school for sixth and loved it. They formed good friendships with the RGS and so didn't miss out in that area and both had boyfriends during sixth form and lots of socialising went on.
I can see with her though perhaps she would gain a lot from a change and there is no harm in looking. She is pretty academic and I am keen a new school would have good academics too. Money wise I am concerned some of these are too much of a push and she'd need a bursary/scholarship to go there.

We have listed all we can think of which may be options:

Kings Wimbledon (I am keen on this option)
Charterhouse (but having heard some experiences of girls there I'm not sure)
Espom college (what are academics like?)
City of London Freemans
Kingston Grammar

Any opinions or experiences? Any other suggestions?

jensun Mon 29-Apr-13 17:50:27

Godalming is brilliant. My DD is at St George's College and she will be going to godalming for sixth form. St George's has great facilities and a nice atmosphere but there is a big problem. A Level results are not good and they have not been for some time, which is odd as their GCSE results are very good. Also they cannot seem to explain why the A Level results are low. Godalming college does better and I will not have to pay for her to be there!

Hia3 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:16:11

Does anyone know/ have experience of Hurtwood House Sixth Form.
I know it's mainly a boarding school, but I would like to know about what it's like for Day Students.

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