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Sixth form colleges - North London

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louisea Tue 16-Apr-13 17:52:49

Although we have some time yet I would like to start looking in to sixth form colleges should my kids choose not to stay on at their current school after GCSEs. I've found a few options but am not sure that I've covered all. What options are available for sixth form education in N/NW London and the environs (i.e Edgware,Finchley, Stanmore, Watford, Harrow, Hampstead etc). They don't have to necessarily12 be local. I'm sure at that point the kids would be happy to travel a little further than they do at the moment.

breadandbutterfly Wed 17-Apr-13 12:56:08

Wodehouse has a good reputation I think - or had, not up to date.

Don't know about Barnet College, don't think West Herts College in Watford does traditional A Levels? Don't know about Harrow or Stanmore College though visited Stanmore professionally and was v unimpressed). Must be a college in Camden but don't know its name.

slug Wed 17-Apr-13 13:52:57

Umm, without wanting to be outed, I'd avoid CANDI like the plague

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