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Appeal for day boarder

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goodvibrationsrgood Mon 15-Apr-13 19:16:45

I am appealing for a secondary place. One of the schools I am appealing for offers day places, day boarders, weekly boarders and full boarders.

I really would like to go for a day boarder appeal as I believe that it would suit our family circumstances. However, this is where I need some help. Does anyone know what carries weight when it comes to day boarder applications? Yes the school has some admissions criteria that they apply such as children in care, children whose parents largely work overseas and children whose home life set up would be conducive to day boarding.

Day boarding hours are generally early in the morning say 7am until 8-9pm at night.

My husband and I both work. He works full-time and I work part-time but my employers are asking me to do more hours which could take me to full-time. We have other younger children who go to school and the child-minder but we have no-one else here. I feel my ds would benefit from day boarding as he would get (quiet) prep time and would be able to fully participate in extra curricular clubs etc

Can anyone think of anything else that applies but I can't think of? Thanks in advance.

marinagasolina Mon 15-Apr-13 20:10:05

I have limited experience, but surely at secondary age a child is perfectly able to get themselves home and sort themselves out in the evening?

Just to confirm, did you originally apply for a day boarder place? I'm not an expert, but surely appealing for a type of place you didn't apply for in the first place is going to look indecisive to an appeal panel?

goodvibrationsrgood Mon 15-Apr-13 20:54:59

marinagasolina yes we did apply for day boarder on the application and we had to write a supporting explanation and we had to attend a suitability interview. I just wondered if there are things that would strengthen the day boarder aspect that I can't think of but would be applicable to our situation IYSWIM.

marinagasolina Mon 15-Apr-13 21:24:35

I'm assuming it's a state school. How many day boarding places are available each year?

You may find that if there are only a limited number of places available, these places have all been allocated to children in care, or children in families where both parents work very long hours and the child would be offered more stability were they to day board. Since these places are not so common, it's hard to say what might strengthen your appeal without knowing how exactly places are allocated.

Surely children who are day pupils can take part in extra-curricular clubs too? confused

goodvibrationsrgood Mon 15-Apr-13 21:33:08

It is a state school and there are less than a dozen places every year which as you say have already been given out.

Yes day students can take part in extra curricular clubs too but it becomes a bit of a logistical nightmare to pick up and drop off children at opposite ends of town. I think you have in part answered my question i.e. both parents working and relative working hours.

marinagasolina Mon 15-Apr-13 21:50:29

OK, in that case, is there any particular after school club which would be of benefit to your son, which the school you have been allocated does not have? Eg your son is a keen rugby player and this school has an after school rugby team, whereas your allocated school does not.

Is the after school prep supervised? If so, and you could make a case with the help of your son's current school that your son has a particular need for supervised homework time, you might be in with a chance this way.

marinagasolina Mon 15-Apr-13 22:12:23

Sorry for the double post, just realised I recognise your name from the renting to get into a school thread. You said there that you missed out on the very good schools in your town- have you been in catchment for any/all of these schools in the past? Do you know how much you missed out by?

You say the school you have been allocated is a complete misfit for your DS- how exactly? You can't appeal on the basis of the allocated school being a misfit, but you can turn the reasons for it being a misfit around and make them into reasons other schools you are appealing for a place at suit your son's needs IYSWIM.

I should point out that I haven't been through the appeals process myself, but have a considerable amount of experience of the secondary education system, including place allocations and what works and what doesn't. But hopefully someone who has been through the appeals process themselves will be along soon to give you further advice.

goodvibrationsrgood Tue 16-Apr-13 07:42:02

marinagasolina yes we are in catchment for two of the schools maybe less so for the third. I have the details of the reasons why we missed out, for one it is sheer over-subscription, for the other it is over-subscription but then this strange rule kicks in where the nearer you are to an alternate school (which may or may not be full and may or may not be on your list of preferences) the further down you get pushed on their list.

I have done what you have stated and that it stated the reasons WHY the school I am appealing for it a better fit. Tiggytape has given me some great advice and information regarding this.

Thanks you have given me some good day boarder reasons that are very relevant for me.

ifonlyihadchocolate Tue 16-Apr-13 12:26:27

East Herts town by any chance? If so think there are probably quite a few families in this position every year.

difficultpickle Tue 16-Apr-13 13:54:36

7am to 9pm in school as a day boy is a very long day indeed, especially by the time you factor in travel time. Wouldn't it be easier to board and thereby increase the range of options for you?

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