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Good Secondary and Primary Schools in Chester area?

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Issysmum12 Sun 14-Apr-13 13:02:27

Hi everyone, I am wanting to move my family to the Chester area as I feel very let down by both my children's schools here in Wales (one at primary level and one at High School). My husband works in Chester and I will also be working in the area, so it makes sense to move there. We will be looking to rent a property but there are so many schools in the area that we are not sure where to begin! I know in England you need to be in a catchment area in order to attend schools, so want to ensure that we find somewhere to live in the right area. Can anyone recommend good schools and areas to live? I would really appreaciate any help.

admission Sun 14-Apr-13 21:53:10

Chester is quite difficult because there is a shortage of primary school places. It is not completely correct that you have to be in catchment to get a place, you can apply for any school place in any school, though obviously in a normal year of admission to a school, your chances of getting a place are increased by being in catchment.
The vast majority of primary schools in the area are OK, though it does depend what you are comparing them against in terms of the schools your children are currently attending!
It might be best to PM me with an area that you are thinking about around chester and I might be able to give you more information on some of the local schools

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