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Unfair report

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Charlie2000 Sat 30-Mar-13 17:04:11

My daughter has just received her yr7 report. She is very hardworking and strives to do well. On her report teachers decide whether to put a - + or . The - means unsatisfactory, the + means good and the is for exceptional. The children are given these grades for engagement with learning and progress. My daughter is demoralised after reading her report. It is very positive but in two subjects where her target for key stage 3 is 6a, her attainment is currently 6c and she has not been given * for either. She has done so much extra work at home and the comments say she is enthusiastic in class. She has been top in all assessments. The reason I am writing this is not to say how wonderful she is - I am very happy with + for the areas she doesn't excel in but I don't know whether to question these grades by writing a response on the reply slip we have been given to say that we have received the reports. Salt has also been rubbed in the wound because her friends and 'even the boys' (her words not mine) have been awarded more * than her. She isn't moaning about it being unfair but she is very despondent as all the effort she has put in does not seem to have been acknowledged. What would you do?

Wellthen Sun 07-Apr-13 08:54:45

I completely agree your daughter should ask and Im amazed that teachers feel they would pay more attention to an adult. I agree she is very young to take complete repsonsibility and if she were getting unsatisfactory I would expect more parental involvement. But ultimately she is the one who minds, who feels unappreciated and who wants better grades next time.

If a parent goes, personally, I think it gives across the message of someone who thinks their child should always get perfect grades no matter their level of work or effort. If a child asked I would be impressed and happily discuss their work with them. It gives her a chance to say 'I'm really trying' which perhaps the teacher hasn't recognised. When I did my A levels I hit a stumbling block. Teachers treated me as if I just didnt care when in reality I was struggling. If she can learn how to communicate her own learning at 12, she will do fabulously!

WorrySighWorrySigh Sun 07-Apr-13 19:06:55

Dont get rid of the effort grade!

They are a source of a lot of unintended humour in this household. 'DC2 you have apparently been taken stupid this term as despite your A grade effort your achievement has dropped below last term's'.

In this house we look at the reports but we dont take them too seriously and encourage the DCs not to either. We encourage the DCs to look at the report as a whole. Look at the overall themes rather than taking individual subject comments to heart.

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