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Yr11 high achievers and reports

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Inncogneetow Thu 28-Mar-13 20:35:56

Does your school reward and recognise high achievers and their efforts?

ds1 has A* targets in every subject (NOT my idea: don't get me started on that one...)
* He is currently on track for all subjects.
* He always does quality homework and hands it in on time.
* 100% attendance, no lates.
* prefect
* No detentions or other disciplinaries.
* Is doing extra revision at home.
* And attends various extra revision sessions offered at lunchtimes and after school.
* To my mind he clearly works hard, and could almost certainly get away with doing less and still get his grades. But he still puts the hours in.
* Very few of the teachers at school have given him anything particularly challenging (ie above and beyond the GCSE curriculum) this year.

He has been showing some "attitude" at school (and at home), but not in all subjects (some teachers think he's wonderful), and not enough to get him into any 'formal' trouble - ie sanctions.

He's had no awards or rewards this year (school do termly certificates and so on) and his report is littered with little niggles and criticisms, which just seems rather petty to me given his high achievements. I know school isn't just about the grades at the end, but they appear to believe "oh, it's easy for him; he does well without putting any work in." And it's just not true. I know loads of kids with high potential who have ended up with Bs and Cs, because they've just arsed about the whole time.

FourArms Thu 28-Mar-13 23:30:48

We have a termly commendation system - 2 per class. Letters also go home from the merits system but I think teachers pay less heed to merits in Y11 (wrongly probably).

In my class the attitude would prevent me selecting him for a commendation. With only 2 to give out to a class of 32, there is usually someone who stands out.

IDK Fri 29-Mar-13 07:36:38

At this age he probably no longer cares about getting a Gold Star from teacher. At least, I seriously hope not!

As long as he impresses himself, that's the main thing. Get the grades and stay on the right side enough to get a decent reference but apart from that don't sweat it. In twenty years' time, no one will care who got what award.

Just wait until he gets his string of A* and they will be all over him like a rash, putting him on the website and showing him off to the local newspapers.hmm

Inncogneetow Fri 29-Mar-13 08:24:29

Yes, i'm sure you're right. I don't think he's bothered any more about what they think: bu that's what causes the attitude. If they occasionally acknowledged how hard he's working, he might put in a bit of effort to please them and make their life easier.

Hmm... You know that "attitude" I mentioned? He's already been formulating what he will say to the local paper about the school (and HT) if they interview him on results day!

Kez100 Fri 29-Mar-13 10:44:58

As a bright and clever year 11, empower him to not be bothered about commendations and to be happy within himself that he is doing well and learning that hard work is the way to go. As he gets more mature he wil realise that he doesn't need commendations but a grown up attitude accepting he doesn't get them is more important.

When he leaves the school he will take with him his great exam results, and ethic of hard work and the ability to be happy in his own skin knowing his ability and skills and not needing the praise of others to enforce that.

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