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At a crossroads

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Befuzzledagain Tue 26-Mar-13 14:18:21

I need some help sad

We have just returned from abroad for a normal life with four children, 2,4,6 and 7. We have camped up in South Farnham and like it but with no house yet we are mulling things over. I know South Farnham school is great and we are happy to wait but have just discovered Weydon has no sixth form. Also I wasn't so keen on its location or inside - sorry, rather shallow thoughts!!! I feel it would be much better for the children to continue at a sixth form with stability. So now my thoughts are wandering to George Abbott or Howard of Effingham. Does anyone have any ability to compare them? Probably unlikely.

My thoughts are also wandering to grammar schools. I am not sure I could handle the stress with four children. The two eldest have been in private to date and are very bright. But hoping four will pass to grammar schools is probably unrealistic. But is this a reason to take away the chance from them?

I am very confused. We need to decide soon and I want to get it right. With four children getting into a school it is difficult enough in itself. So I want to get it right now so the children can settle and not be moved again when secondary school life approaches.

Any thoughts at all would be so appreciated. Many thanks!!

titchy Tue 26-Mar-13 15:56:41

Briefly - no state grammars in Surrey except super-selective like Tiffin. George Abbott and Howard have excellent reps, but you need to check their admission criteria very thoroughly, then try and get your kids into nearby/catchment schools which can be difficult as an in year applicant.

Don't know Farnham schools but really wouldn't worry about lack of 6th form - kids often want to leave school for 6h form college anyway, and most will probably end up at the same college (Godalming maybe - has a very good reputation if that's where they tend to go from Farnham). Colleges can be advantageous too.

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