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Very, very bright but hates academic work - post GCSE suggestions pls

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basildonbond Mon 25-Mar-13 20:36:20

Ds is exceptionally bright (top 0.2% on IQ tests, CAT scores sky-high) but due to a mixture of fairly mild ADHD and hormones is currently underachieving and is unlikely to get the results he should be getting (on track to get mix of As, Bs and C's when apparently capable of straight A*s)

After a painful weekend trying to get him to focus on his English coursework when the only time he wrote anything was when he was sitting in the kitchen with me, I'm now wondering if an academic path in sixth form is going to be sensible, feasible or survivable (for me!).

He's not particularly good with his hands so anything practical which involves crafty, mechanical or technical skills is out. He veers between wanting to join the army (but as an officer) and being a lawyer but what he really wants to do is go to the gym a lot and look good hmm

Any ideas of where to start with him?

happygardening Wed 27-Mar-13 08:04:25

Our 6 th form college (we've only 1) has also closed for applications but you can still apply your just not guaranteed a place on a popular course. Another friend has a bright but lazy DS he did the first year of A levels did no work and got awful AS grades and is now doing a sports level 3 Btec he applied to our local 6 the form college after getting his awful AS level results. He's also happier at 6 th form college as he feels he's treated in a more mature fashion.
GCSE's are IMO very dull for the very bright and I think many especially boys loose their way and just switch off.

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