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Westminster Under - Good for an all Rounder?

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snowsjoke Fri 22-Mar-13 22:52:46

Ds (yr 4) is a good all rounder - sporty, musical (cello to grade 4, piano grade 3, choir member) and in top 5 of his academic prep school class. However, he's not the 'best' at anything and he is not the most confident of children - he'd never put himself forward/volunteer for anything unless given a 'push' but usually does well in whatever he is put forward for. He is what I would call 'quirky'. He is generally seen as a hard working, quiet pupil.

His present school is in Outer London and does not have much experience of sending children to the 'major' public schools but from my research WUS sounds like a good 'fit' for ds (obviously we will attend the open days).

Would Ds stand any chance or are they looking for super confident really high achievers?

snowsjoke Sat 23-Mar-13 15:55:55

. anyone?

TennisMom Tue 26-Mar-13 00:07:53

What form year entry are you thinking for the Under School? You already missed the 8+ entry (Y4) and the next one is 13+ for the Great School. 11+ entry is usually for state school applicants.

For the Under School (Y3-Y8), I'd say being an all-rounder is good as there are many activities and competitions in all areas of interests (sporty, creative, academic, musical, artistic, etc.). However, in order to do well on the entrance exam and be accepted, I'd say he needs to be strong academically, perhaps the top of his class.

For example, when my son applied for 7+ entry, there were 200 applicants for 20 places. One would have to think that the 20 accepted had to be the top of their respective class.

Self-confidence would most certainly help to stand out amongst all the clever kids around the school and in the classroom.

bluescissors Tue 26-Mar-13 13:43:30

I have 3 friends with DC at WUS. I would not describe any of the DC that I know that go there as all rounders. Extremely academic springs to and music very much take a back seat in their lives.

As he's in year 4 now, looks like you will need to register for the 13+ pre test when he is in year 6. Go and look round it with and without him and talk to pupils there. That's the best way to discover if you think it's a fit.

snowsjoke Tue 26-Mar-13 18:36:54

Yes, we will definitely go to the Open Day.
I think WUS must accept children from Prep schools at 11 as one child went last year from ds prep school (which finishes at 11). However, I dont know this mum at all but have heard through the grapevine (gossip!) that she ignored prep school advice and applied anyway and her son was made an offer. Her ds was a 'bookworm'.
ds teacher at the moment feels he is an academic boy - he is achieving well but there is another boy who is younger who is exceptionally quick and bright (but not sporty or musical) and I wonder if they are looking for children at that level.
Would a child need to be around NC levels 5/6 by the end of year 5 at English/Maths to be in with a chance?

TennisMom Wed 27-Mar-13 22:19:19

Yes, WUS does accept students from prep schools that end at 11 y.o.

I'd say go ahead and apply; you have nothing to lose. I don't think the school necessarily looks for all-rounders during the process as one doesn't list activities on the application form. The boy just have to do well on the exam to make the cut and subsequent interview.

However, once there I do find at least 2/3 of the class are pretty well-rounded in terms of participating in sports, music and arts although not necessarily all at a high level.

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