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lingfield notre dame - school choice

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fenwicksymes Thu 21-Mar-13 14:34:10

Hello everyone,
I heard the new head at Notre Dame (Lingfield) has had a lot of bad press recently - we are in the midst of changing schools and would like some advice - heard from a couple of friends many staff changes since the new head started, friends' kids (one in sixth form) not v. happy there.

gremlindolphin Thu 21-Mar-13 20:25:08

We have a dd in Year 7 at LND and we are so pleased with the school so far - She is very happy and doing really well. There are lots of activities to get involved with and lots of interaction with staff.

She is thriving and our experience is being everything we hoped for.

Hope that helps! Happy to answer any questions.

icelandkate Mon 25-Mar-13 14:11:03

we heard that the new head was impatient (or arrogant?) with a couple of parents who pulled him up on a few things, including parent interaction/feedback (this may have been primary) and that a few teachers left since the new head started.

we are looking at yr 7 entry. one parent (yr8?) said to us she's not sure Notre Dame would be the right choice if you're not a sporty student. (???) Overall, she's happy with the teaching staff, but did say two science teachers are leaving/have left (??) on balance, we've heard more negatives than positives, but this may be just our sources. are you looking at Year 7 or Year 9 entry?

BigBenny Sat 13-Apr-13 12:46:31

Was a great school, shame they changed the Head. Building a good school took the last head 19 years. I wanted the best qualifications from a school of academic excellence; a sports school! WTF..

I'm not a fan of boosting about qualifications but check their website. Do you want your child being taught by a guy with an MBA or CertEd? Did you assume you are paying for a qualified teacher!

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