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The London Oratory School

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magyarmum Fri 08-Mar-13 15:50:53

My son is due to start at LOS in September and I would love to hear some feedback on the pastoral care. I hear so much about the discipline and I wonder whether the school will end up crushing his spirit. My son is a high achiever both academically and sportswise. He is in the A team of his rugby club and I am worried he will have a big issue with not being able to run around at lunch time. Any advice?

SWStressed Tue 30-Apr-13 12:32:16

He will love it I have a lively Year 7 who has coped with not being able to run around in the playground. Sport is competitive and it is a big plus playing rugby. Yes it is very strict but the pastoral care is very good and he has had a good experience there so far. He has made a lot of lovely friends. Unlike many of his friends at other schools I haven't heard a hint of any bullying going on at all. The only downside is their friends are all over London. Prepare yourself for Friday night sleepovers.

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