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not impressed with private school!

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soaccidentprone Thu 07-Mar-13 12:11:58

ds2, after looking around, decided that he would like to go to the private school which is near us.

he passed the entrance exam, but wasn't fortunate to get a scholarship. we have, however applied for a bursary, which meant supplying pay slips, evidence of loans, mortgage docs, savings accounts and home insurance docs.

the closing date for accepting the place is tomorrow. we have not heard back from the school yet re the bursary. I rang them on Monday and was told the head had been really busy and hadn't had time to look at the applications yetconfused but not to worry about the closing date. I asked if we were likely to hear this week? the answer was nosad

he has been offered a place at his 3rd choice state school, which he is happy with.

I'm now wondering if this is indicative of the school, or whether it's just one of those things?

I suffer from chronic anxiety and would just like to know. ds2 comes home every day and asks if we have heard yet.

I personally think this is crap, and that if you ask for info to be supplied by a certain date so that it can be assessed, you should plan your time so that parents aren't left waiting. it has been 5 weeks now since the closing date for accepting bursary applications.

anyway, rant overgrin

LittleFrieda Mon 18-Mar-13 08:51:43

And accept the state school place too. Then reject one as soon as you have the full facts. I would also make the point o the bursar ofth independent that you would expect the school to waive the acceptance fee in the event they are unable to offer the bursary.

anniesw Mon 18-Mar-13 10:53:55

I agree with GreatUncle - he needs to feel like he will fit in. Stpulating the colour of socks might sound trivial but suggest a very controlling environment - will he be happy with that

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