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Private schools near Leeds and Wakefield

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qegsmum Fri 08-Mar-13 14:00:46

I think you should consider looking at QEGS. It absolutely transformed my DS's life when I moved him there from a miserable time in a state school. I think QEGS has the highest achieving cohort of the schools suggested if this is important to you. It also has the most amazing music department - every single teacher is absolutely inspirational. There are a huge number of very high standard ensembles etc to join in with which might suit your son.

The class sizes are 20 approx and the teachers are very very involved with the boys. I really absolutely feel that the teachers know and care about my son.

It is single sex but there are close links with Wakefield Girls High in the same foundation (which is also totally fab). This is mainly via music groups etc in years 7-11, but many A levels are taught jointly so it doesn't feel like true single sex education.

Sport is quite a big deal but they do go down to having second and third teams so its reasonably inclusive.

KindleMum Thu 07-Mar-13 14:42:24

The pastoral care is supposed to be good at Silcoates still. Personally I think their exam results are currently not justifying the fees but there's obviously plenty of parents who'd disagree with me! QEGS is highly respected locally and I'm very happy with the junior school pastoral care and the overall atmosphere, though I have no experience of the senior school.

2000 is quite large. What are his class sizes like?

Isthiscorrect Thu 07-Mar-13 12:13:41

Ackworth is lovely and the pastoral care is wonderful. I can say from personal experience the same about Silcoates, although I think its gone downhill since the new (well not any more but latest) head. QEGS has an excellent reputation. All the boys I know there have done very well although I'm not sure they are quite as pastoral but then my experience is a bit dated now (5 yrs plus).

timetosmile Thu 07-Mar-13 11:47:41

thanks kindle and janey

There's no bullying (really impressed with how current school nipped a little niggle by known troublemaker in the bud last term) and he still has a good gang of friends.

I'm sure going from a big fish/little pond in primary to yr7 has been a massive shift for him, and of course all the hormones etc are kicking in...

But he's pretty eloquent "There's no love at school. None of the teachers really knows you, none of them try to be friendly. it's so massive and nobody cares about who you really are" :-(

His academic work is slipping because he's demotivated by the whole 'school' thing..but its the unhappiness and size of the place that's really making me wonder about his future there

KindleMum Thu 07-Mar-13 11:08:58

Has he explained what's making him sob at going to school? It sounds worrying.

KindleMum Thu 07-Mar-13 11:08:04

Have also heard good things about Ackworth and they have good results. QEGS in Wakefield is very pleasant and has excellent results.

janeyjampot Thu 07-Mar-13 11:01:04

I don't have any expertise here but I have heard good things about Ackworth School.

timetosmile Thu 07-Mar-13 09:36:58

Our yr7 boy is at an 'outstanding' state academy, (which has huge pressure to get into, very well thought of school) having really enjoyed is primary school and moved up with a cohort of really nice lads.
He has lots of outside interests, especially music/performing arts and is pretty bright but not especially sporty.
He is utterly unhappy at school, which has 2000+ children and he is becoming disengaged and unmotivated. Just spent 10mins sobbing in the car refusing to go into school.
So.......have discussed matters with pastoral staff, head of year, who promise to 'look into things' but also wanting to get some thoughts on the private sector options which we may be able to afford at a squeeze. I don't think the local state secondaries are viable options.
Any thoughts/ recommendations? A Christian ethos would be a positive but not essential.
Thanks all

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