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Secondary Schools in Farnham

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groverider Tue 12-Mar-13 12:21:49

Weydon have just announced there will be an additional form entry from 2015 which should relieve some of the pressure for places. One of the primary feeders South Farnham Juniors is currently reviewing its admissions criteria for 4+ 2014 entry (this will be 4th year in a row I think they will have changed criteria) so it is very difficult to know at the moment where you need to live to get in as from 2014 it is likely proximity to either the infant OR the junior site will count equally. At the moment it is distance from infant site only. Decision due on this in summer I think. So if you are determined on Weydon you might be best off moving closer to one of the other feeders where distance to school not so close or likely to change although if you do miss out on SF Juniors you will probably end up at one of the other ones anyway.....

crunchbag Wed 06-Mar-13 16:20:05

Both Weydon School and Farnham Heath End School (which I assume you mean by the North Farnham Secondary) have named feeder schools. If you want to be sure to get into Weydon your DD will need to get into one of their feeder schools, so yes you will need to get the primary school choice right.
There is also All Hallows in north Farnham but as this is a RC secondary they have their own admission criteria.

This document gives you an overview of the secondary school admissions and criteria for 2012 and numbers offered:

PLux Wed 06-Mar-13 05:44:35

Hello. I would love some advice from ground level.
We are looking to move to Farnham (currently living abroad) and would love our 3x DDs to end up going to Weydon. However I know that the only chance of getting in is if you go to a feeder primary first. We will still have time for this as my oldest won't be applying until Oct 2014 for a place in Oct 2015.
There is a house that we absolutely love, but we are worried in case we buy the house, move in, and then get allocated primary schools elsewhere that are not feeders.
I know that no one can tell us what will actually happen without the aid of a crystal ball, but does anyone have any experience of this ? If we live in the South Farnham area is it likely that my DDs will end up at the North Farnham Secondary ? Would we be taking a massive gamble ?
We desperately want to get this right and so I'd be ultra grateful for any advice or experiences that you have.
Thank-you !

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