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Tiffin Girls' School

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piepollocks Sat 02-Mar-13 17:48:24

If we accept the place at Tiffin Girls' School does that mean we are unable to change our mind?
(PS If we did change our mind, we know we couldn't expect to choose another state school so we would have to be a move to a private school.)

tiggytape Sat 02-Mar-13 18:00:51

State school and private school offers are entirely separate. You can accept an offer at both if you wantd to and wait until the last second to make up your mind about which to take (although you'd lose a terms fees and your deposit perhaps).
If you haven't already applied for private schools though, you may be too late. Many of the popular ones held their exams in January and offered places last month. You'd have to see and you certainly shouldn't reject your state offer until you have a definite offer elsewhere to take.

In terms of changing your mind on state schools though, why would you want to? To have been offered Tiffins, you must have listed it higher than other options so presumably last October it was one of your top choices?
With state schools, you only get the one offer and aren't allowed to really weigh up your options at this stage. You are supposed to do that when you fill in the form and list your most and least favoured schools.
You could approach your council about going on the waiting lists for schools that you applied to and didn't get. If they were lower down your preference sheet than Tiffins though this would be unusual since the assumption is that if you've got a higher offer, you wouldn't be looking to 'downgrade' to one of your less preferred schools. Some people do it though and some councils allow it - it will just be a waiting list though and you'd have to wait and see what came up which could be nothing or could be an alternative offer in a few months time.

tiggytape Sat 02-Mar-13 18:08:38

I've just seen from your other thread that you do have an offer for a private school too. The answer to your question therefore is that you can accept the Tiffins offer without obligation. You are only limited by the amount of time the private school will allow you to mull over an offer before committing financially. If you wanted the maximum amount of time, you could accept both schools, pay the deposit and write off one terms fees and decide at your leisure between now and September. You could reject a place, having initially accepted it, at any time up to September.

It does tend to annoy all schools though to have last minute refusals after initial acceptance though. And it is considered very bad form to those on the Tiffins waiting list to hang on to a place if you know that you won't be taking it. Lots of people on the waiting lists have no plan B and are hugely anxious to get good news.

piepollocks Sat 02-Mar-13 20:37:42

Thanks tiggytape for your considered response. Yes, I agree re: the "bad form" issue so that is very much in the forefront of our minds as we consider our options. Thanks for clarifying the formal position for us.

piepollocks Mon 11-Mar-13 19:37:14

Spoke to TGS today and relinquished DD2's place. I hope we made someone very happy.

corlan Mon 11-Mar-13 23:00:14

I'm sure you did piepollocks!

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