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St Pauls Boys interview

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Touchlinedad Thu 15-May-14 18:39:05

Short Maths test and written test - these are really to give them something to talk to the boys about in their interview alongside their own questionnaire which they fill in in advance.

Whilst the boys do that you (the parents) have a chat when you can ask any questions about the process / school / building works etc.

Finally the boys meet the same person you met and get asked a few other things.

Could they have prepared for the interview? Probably not but no one will ever believe that until their own kid cones out and tells them that that was the case.

Was it tough on the boys? Not at all though the other parents we overlapped with were equally nervous.

How long before you find out? It looks as if the letter was posted the morning after the interviews.

Good luck to everyone doing it.

interest Thu 28-Feb-13 10:03:01

No short test in previous years, just a personal statement. The interview itself (will include five or six mental maths questions, including algebra, plus the meaning of certain words) was rigorous but enjoyable. Tell your son that he will be questioned carefully about his academic strengths/interests so to be careful what he puts on his questionnaire. One brainy boy got into a twist when asked in detail about an evolutionary biology book he'd read, but which was probably a bit too complex for an 11-year-old. He wasn't offered a place at St Paul's, though he's now at an equally academic school.

Timestables Wed 27-Feb-13 19:07:11

Last year there wasn't a short test - they send you a questionnaire with your interview date for your DS to fill in . This is given to the interviewer who uses it in part as a discussion document . Apparently interviews vary enormously depending on your DS - but they are all carried out by a very few interviewers who know what they are looking for . There will be numerical reasoning and english but your DS has to bone up on his favourite subject . I struggled to get feedback from my DS but he had a very enjoyable interview . The whole experience wasn't too stressful all round . Well thats how it feels now a year has passed !

KingscoteStaff Wed 27-Feb-13 16:24:54

Has anyone's DS done this yet this year or can remember previous years? We hear that they have to complete a short test paper outside the interview room, a discussion of which then forms part of the conversation.

I'm worried that DS was so fired up for the KCS and Westminster tests that he will have gone 'off the boil' by the time the St Pauls date finally comes through.

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