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Secondary schools in South Woodford - opinions please

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summer111 Fri 01-Mar-13 22:23:30

dc's are in Trinity which has an excellent reputation and an 'outstanding' performance according to Ofsted. You will need to be practicing Catholic to stand a chance to get in. The school is in St Thomas of Canterbury parish however children in Sth Woodford (St Anne Line Parish) usually get in. Wanstead parishioners struggle as it's the last parish on the school's entrance list.
The school pushes children academically and has extremely strong leadership.
dd's friend is at Woodbridge, I believe they get average results in the Borough, however Redbridge schools get excellent results compared with those nationally.
If you do consider the grammar schools and dc's are in state primary, they will need additional coaching for the entrance exams. Redbridge grammar schools are very heavily oversubscribed so very difficcult to get into.

jackol1 Wed 27-Feb-13 14:44:59

We're currently renting in the area and looking to buy in the next year or so. We're looking for this to be our forever home, we have two DC so we need to take secondary schools into account. From what I have read the state options are Woodbridge, Trinity (Catholic) and the boys and girls grammar schools, Ilford/Woodford Green. I think it is more likely that the DC will not get into the grammars, does anyone have experience of Woodbridge or Trinity, good or bad?

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