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Sixth form boarding for girls

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NorksAreMessy Wed 27-Feb-13 18:21:24

I can't recommend RHSB too highly.
They were absolutely BRILLIANT with DD, she had the BEST time and the staff were fantastic.
DD did IB there and the co-ordinator is a truly wonderful woman.

PM me for more details and I will spill

countryliving Wed 27-Feb-13 18:15:14

Many thanks for the PM goinggetstough.

goinggetstough Sun 24-Feb-13 20:38:08

countryliving have sent you a PM.

countryliving Sun 24-Feb-13 19:31:03

Hi there,

Looking for full boarding. Not especially worried about low boarding numbers just what's right for both DTD. Have visited all three schools. Twin 1 favours the academically focused Royal High (and really wants to do IB) while Twin 2 prefers the lovely boarding facilities and extracurricular activities at Truro (not to mention good academic standards). That leaves tiny Wychwood which may not have the greatest boarding facilities but seems to have some inspirational teachers.

We are going overseas (again). DTDs have been with us overseas in the past and used to new situations. This will be their first experience of boarding - they have been in the state system for the past six years.

Really appreciate the swift response thanks.

goinggetstough Sun 24-Feb-13 13:08:54

Hi OP, you don't mention whether you are looking for weekly or full boarding for you DTD. It makes a big difference to MN comments.
I would be very concerned at the lack of boarders at 2 of the schools. I have used the data from the Independent Schools Council.
Royal High Bath. 112 boarders from age 9 to 18 years.
Truro 45 boarders from age 7 to 18 years
Wychwood: 30 boarders from age 11 to 18 ( only 33 girls in the sixth form in total!)
These numbers are important but do remember that they are a mixture of weekly and full boarders and will not be spread evenly across the year groups. I would expect there to be more boarders as you go up the school.

IMO it is hard to be a boarder when you are really in the minority as I think you would at Wychwood or Truro. I have had friends with DDs at the Royal High and they were fine. They were stil very muchl in the minority but their parents were happy with the school and both DDs got excellent grades. The school does IB and A levels. The school is a walkable distance from the town centre ( a big hill on the way back up!)

Do also ask the schools how many new girls start in the sixth form. I appreciate you have twins starting together but it can sometimes be very difficult to break into friendship groups if they are the only new girls and the others have all been together for the previous 5 years. Some schools have excellent induction programmes to compensate for this.

Good luck with your decision.

countryliving Sun 24-Feb-13 12:29:18

Will shortly have to make a decision on registering for a new school for twin daughters starting in September - the shortlist is Royal High School, Bath/Truro High School and Wychwood School in Oxford.
Grateful for any views on the three schools - many thanks.

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