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Charges for A levels

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lemonmajestic Thu 28-Feb-13 09:59:52

Seems reasonable to me to contribute towards materials, provided that the school is upfront about these charges before you start the course.
A friend's dc was interested in taking Photograpy at a local FE college but was put off because they expected students to buy their own cameras whcih cost £1000 so compared to this £50 for materials isn't much.

BackforGood Wed 27-Feb-13 21:16:21

Thinking about it, we've probably spent that already on books for ds's subjects, and he's only 6th months in so I@m expecting more to come.

BoltonCollege Wed 27-Feb-13 08:38:28

Yes, I think you'd find any art course would charge - I know we issue charges for materials for our BTECs in Art & Design. When I was at college in the late 90's studying Graphic Design we weren't charged, but we were given a list of materials we needed to turn up with on the first day which amounted to the same thing.

Also whilst academic subjects wouldn't charge you'd expect to buy the stationery your child uses on the course yourself, rather than the school / college providing it which is essentially the materials used.

If you need help with the costs though, you might be able to get a bursary. We run one which draws funds from the Education Funding Agency - if you need help you're best checking the criteria directly with the school because they might also have other help available.

Hope that helps!

BackforGood Sat 23-Feb-13 12:45:09

My ds isn't doing either of those, but I don't think it's unusual to be asked to contribute towards materials in practical based subjects. If you were doing cooking, you'd take in the food each week and not think anything of it, (as it's not asked for all in one go). My ds had to do Res Materials GCSE last year, and we had to 'buy' the table he made (ie, pay for the wood). Those doing languages have to pay for trips abroad. Those doing Geology / Geography type subjects have to pay to go on field trips, etc.
I think you end up 'contributing' to a lot of subject areas - perhaps it's just not been worded well.

kirlia Sat 23-Feb-13 12:15:46

Has anyone else been charge for their child to take A level art and photography?
My sons school is asking for £50 towards the art materials and £50 towards the photography materials if he takes these A levels next year. A levels which they are offering on their normal A level curriculum. Does this happen in all state schools?

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