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Science GCSE - confused!

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lexie01 Sat 23-Feb-13 07:20:16

I have another thread running about EBacc and as part of this I have been looking at a number of senior school websites in my area and specifically their GCSE results.

On a complete tangent I noticed quite a difference between the type of GCSE's taken at state and independent schools. Specifically in the Science subjects. I looked at 3 state comps and a very small number (2 for example at one very good school) took separate science GCSE's (ie biology/chemistry & physics) and most took a single science exam (which I assume is a combination of all 3?). In the independent schools however this was reversed and most of the children seemed to take the individual science subjects. I know that this Is probably a bit of a generalisation as I only looked at about 8 schools within my area but there was an obvious difference.

Does anyone know the reason For this? My dd1 is in yr5 so we are just starting to look at senior schools so all this is quite new to me. Thanks

glaurung Wed 27-Feb-13 13:05:19

They just need to know what their LOs will be doing.

I do agree with this. But what they are doing might be BTEC or applied science GCSE. It might even be double science award, and even if it isn't people may use the term to describe what they are doing. Just because you don't want people to use terms in the wrong way won't stop them.

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