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Secondary school in Chester

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Crisbangor Mon 18-Feb-13 14:24:48

Hi everyone, desperately need help as I am intending to move to Chester from Brazil. I have girls who always lived in Brentwood Essex and after 2 years in Brazil now will be moving to Chester. They have always studied in Catholic schools, although that is not a must. My main preoccupation is to be choosing an area to rent a house where the schools are safe, assessable and good.

Crisbangor Mon 18-Feb-13 14:26:21

oops: Secondary School

Flyonthewindscreen Mon 18-Feb-13 14:33:32

I know league tables are far from the be all and end all, but have you checked the most recent tables for Chester - link below. I live just across the Welsh border from Chester so don't have personal experience of the schools.

admission Mon 18-Feb-13 15:53:03

The nearest catholic school is the Catholic high school chester, which is south of the river in Chester in Handbridge. Not sure whether it is of any interest to you but the school is just about to convert to being an academy. For information most of the secondary schools are academies or well on the way to becoming an academy
Next nearest school is Queens Park again south of the river and the other school south of the river is Blacon High, which is not normally a "go to" school in most people's eyes. I say which side of the river because it can become important in terms of getting to school and work during the morning rush hour.
The "go to" school in Chester is currently Christleton High, though Bishops Blue Coat Church of England High School is also popular along with Upton High.
The next nearest catholic school is in Ellesmere Port but the "go to" catholic school is ST Nicholas in Northwich which would be a real trek every day from anywhere in Chester.
Depending on which year group your daughters are in may limit your choice of schools because quite a few are full in various year groups. If you have any children going to be going to primary school, you need to be extra careful because most primary schools in Chester are full in the lower year groups.

SauvignonBlanche Mon 18-Feb-13 16:00:52

Chester Catholic High School is in a lovely part of Chester.
Will you be living in Chester itself?

hellsbells99 Tue 19-Feb-13 15:15:59

Hello. Chester is a lovely city to live in. As admission says above there is a local Catholic school in Chester. My DCs are at Christleton High (now an academy). A good school IMO. My DCs settled in very well and are keen to stay for 6th Form. Good places to live if you choose that school would be Barrow, Vicars Cross, Huntington, Littleton, Christleton etc. The school is normally reasonably full but people do leave (normally due to house moves etc) and join throughout the year. I have friends with children at Upton which also has a good reputation. Bishops Heber at Malpas is further away from Chester but very highly regarded. There is also Helby High School which is out of Chester too.

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