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Perse Upper?

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MrsMalinky Sun 17-Feb-13 21:59:04

Does anyone have any experience of the Perse Upper school? DC has been offered a place and we are trying to decide whether the atmosphere would be suitable for a very bright but anxious child.

Any comments would be really helpful. Thanks!

MrsMalinky Tue 26-Feb-13 10:52:45

Well having looked into it a bit more we have decided to accept the place. We weren't really planning to go private for secondary but having looked around my son is excited about it (particularly the clubs) and we're hoping it works out. Thanks again for all the advice.

Lilymaid Tue 26-Feb-13 11:10:24

MrsMalinky - good luck! I hope that it is the right decision for your family (We have never regretted it - even though every penny I earned went into fees).

Tansie Tue 26-Feb-13 11:57:39

DO feed-back, down the line to us, MrsMalinky, let us know what your experience is. It will be very interesting to compare with what people have said on here, good and 'bad'!

Best wishes.

yawningdad Wed 27-Feb-13 09:07:02

He won't be disappointed by the clubs. The Perse Explorers Society is fantastic but he will need to sign up as soon as possible since some of them get full. I know people who regretted thinking for an extra day and missing a place for several years as a result.

Tansie Wed 27-Feb-13 18:56:29

Nah, there'll be a place- my friend's DS did Explorers Society for half a term apiece grin. I think I mentioned before that a thing that does frustrate my 'insider contact' is the fact her DSs just aren't into anything extra-curricular, but they know they're paying for it!

But I am only ribbing you- I'm sure there'll be lots to interest your DS on the Clubs front.

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