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Sevenoaks School Reserve List

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happygardening Fri 25-Nov-16 06:57:43

I'm not sure How common it is but when my DS was at prep I heard of at least 1 person whose DC had a place a place at a super selective but turned it down late in the day because they got a scholarship into a less academic school perhaps this meant they could get a bursary.

Anyoneouthere Fri 25-Nov-16 06:52:45

Many thanks happygardening. Very helpful. I didn't really know about the scholarship bit as well and people holding out for that too or the over offering. Thanks again

happygardening Thu 24-Nov-16 21:40:23

I don't know about Sevenoaks waiting list in oarticular but I guess you could be holding a place at a school like Sevenoaks and get a scholarship i Into somewhere else and give up your place at Sevonoaks.
Or be holding more a place at more than 1 school and be waiting until the last minute to decide where to send your DC although in my experience prep school heads don't really support this sort of thing.
Have you spoken to Sevenoaks and assertsined what your chances of getting off the waiting list are? Even if someone did drop out your DC may not be top of the waiting list. Most admissions dept are really helpful. A friend has her DS on a waiting list and the admission dept were quite honest there were 10 in front of him and they'd over offered places and too many had accepted so not a cats chance.

Anyoneouthere Thu 24-Nov-16 18:23:24

Hello there. I know this thread is a bit old, but did you get anywhere with the sevenoaks school wait list. DC on wait list, took exam in year 7 for year 9 entry next year. It all seems a bit if a dark art. Also, if DC git in - are they happy. It is a great school. Everyone says " parents are really pleased"' but any feedback from kids. Workload, social died, friendship groups. Much appreciated.

lampa Wed 05-Mar-14 12:40:58

Sorry Katie. Its last's year topic: but did you got at the end a place from the Waiting list. I am in similar situation this year (13+ Waiting list). If you did get, when, I mean which month? Thanks

Katie172 Mon 04-Mar-13 23:58:57

bulletpointThank you for letting me know.It gives me hope. If I could work out how to do smileys I would add some now ! Could you let me know the title of the thread please? I have tried to search but with no luck. Many thanks, Katie

bulletpoint Mon 04-Mar-13 19:57:37

Well according to another thread here, there seems to another mum holding two day places at Sevenoaks! Hopefully everyone holding places will decide and release them soon. smile

Katie172 Mon 04-Mar-13 13:47:51

Sorry but thought I would bump this to see if there was any advice out there on 13+ waiting lists at Sevenoaks. Thank you x

Katie172 Mon 18-Feb-13 09:07:48

Hi...I am sorry I should have said that it is a year 9 place we are after. Dh was told this info by the prep head of year. We are waiting to see if the post brings news of an offer today but Sevenoaks is the school that is the first choice for our dc. Thing is that dh didn't ask how likely it was that parents may be holding onto other places besides a conditional offer at Sevenoaks but looking at other posts it looks like this happens in other areas. I am hoping it may happen here too but I just don't know. Thank you for replying !

QueenOfToast Sun 17-Feb-13 19:37:48

I would have thought that after 1 March there will be a lot of movement on the reserve list at Sevenoaks school for entry to Year 7 because of all the grammar schools in Kent. Is this what you mean?

If you're talking about common entrance exam at Year 9, it's a totally different thing and I only have the vaguest idea of how it works - I'm surprised that your prep school hasn't explained the process. Do you have any offers or conditional offers from other schools?

Katie172 Sun 17-Feb-13 04:54:59

Hi, It's my first post so please be gentle with me! I am writing this at an unearthly hour so I apologise now for spelling/grammar blunders!!

I am not experienced/too familiar with Common Entrance but dh has been told that after 1st March you can only hold one offer so if there are going to be any places released it will be during March. Our dc has been put on the reserve list for Sevenoaks and I would love to hear from anyone with any experience who has been through this before,particularly for this school. Expect that I will sound naive but is it possible that there are dc's holding offers for day places at Sevenoaks and other schools this close to 1st March ? Thanks in advance, Katie

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