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Best Key Stage 3 Revision Guides ?

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ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 12-Feb-13 19:07:31

The school has provided each child with the CGP Science revision guide, so presumably the Science teachers find it to be of some relevance! grin

ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 12-Feb-13 19:05:49

DS1 likes the CGP KS3 revision guides for Science, History, Geography and German. Not all of the topics are relevant, but he just reads the ones that are.

He also uses the CGP CD-ROM for Maths (the foundation stage GCSE one) and the CGP Maths workbook.

He sometimes uses the BBC bitesize stuff for German and R.S.

eatyourveg Tue 12-Feb-13 18:59:08

CGP cover KS3 they are usually quite good - though my dc find the layout rather busy sometimes.

TheChimpParadox Tue 12-Feb-13 18:32:18

So besides BBC Biteszie website - which we use- there are no work books out there that is suitable to help them revise and re-enforce what they are studying ?

crazymum53 Tue 12-Feb-13 15:33:28

We just use the relevant parts of the BBC bitesize website for Maths and Science to help revise the topics that have been covered so far. dds school also has revision resources for Maths on the school website that can also be accessed from home.
KS3 revision books aren't really relevant for Y7 as they date back to the days when children took KS3 SATs in Maths, English and Science in Y9. Y7 children won't have covered all the topics yet and KS3 SATs were abolished a few years, so really these books are no longer relevant and some of the content may be out of date.

TheChimpParadox Tue 12-Feb-13 14:20:23

Load s out there - Collins , Letts , BBC Bitesize , Times , Schofield & Sims etc

Which Revision Guide publisher do you find the best or does it vary from subject to subject ?

Especially interested in Maths , French and Spanish

Its for a Year 7 child.

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