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Winchester - Moving in time for year 7 application...or waiting until daughter finishes year 6...

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ConfusedofHerneHill Fri 08-Feb-13 19:26:26

We are planning a move to Winchester, but are unsure whether to move this year to be in place for October 2013 secondary applications ( daughter currently in year 5 so we'll be applying for September 2014 entry), or move in summer 2014 and cross our fingers that we get a place for her. Our plan in either instance would be to rent initially, while we look for our forever home in Winchester and sell our London house, so in theory we could find a place close to Westgate, Kings School or wherever. I probably slightly favour Westgate from my limited knowledge, partly because I like the look of the associated primary schools (my son is currently in year 2).
I know it probably makes more sense to move sooner rather than later, but my daughter (who is pretty resistant to the idea of moving) would so love to finish year 6 where she is now, so I am (weakly) wondering whether it would be possible to do that, and then hope to get in to a Winchester secondary on the waiting list. My son is currently in year 2, so we'd be doing an in-year application for him whatever happens, plus he is VERY easy going and keen on moving nearer to green open spaces.

guineapiglet Tue 12-Feb-13 16:37:01

Well at the moment we are renting near the Romsey Road. It is about 15 mins walk to Westgate and 20 mins walk to Peter Symonds. We hope to move next month, further down Greenhill Road, so even nearer to both of them. I really don't know about the catchment areas for the different primary schools, or what the criteria is for admissions re feeder primaries into HS ( we just looked at HS and 6th form college) - so you would def need to contact all the primaries for this and Hants CC for advice re renting etc.

- There is not a lot of choice here, it is a very expensive rental market, and we had to enter a kind of bidding process to get the house, not trying to be a cynic, just realistic, ideally, we would have been nearer to PS, but it is more convenient for my husband who needs to get out onto M3 for work.

( our house has just gone on rental pages of rightmove and landlord has increased the rent by £150 pcm. I guess it depends what you are used to, but it is unbelievable to us!) If you want any more info, do PM me, I am happy to try and help where I can, but you might want others to give their advice about primaries to help you make your decision.

eatyourveg Tue 12-Feb-13 19:17:58

It has probably changed somewhat from when I lived in Winchester but generally the catchment areas for the secondaries were as follows

Kings = Olivers Battery, Stanmore, St Cross, Highcliffe, Weeke, Teg Down, Kingsworthy

Westgate = Winnall, City Centre, Fulflood, Twyford, Abbott's Barton

Henry B = Harestock, Littleton, Crawley

ConfusedofHerneHill Tue 12-Feb-13 21:52:24

I'm ok on catchment areas, I think. I've got a lovely little map! No - my main problem is my daughter, who will "never make friends as good as the ones (she's) got now", and thinks we "don't care" about her, and basically dissolved into impressively dramatic tears for about half an hour this evening.
What can I say? The decision (to stay or go) isn't 100% made, but it will not turn on her friendships (though of course everyone's general happiness (or not) with a move would go into the decision making mix.)
Poor old sausage. She was being very dramatic, but I say that as someone who barely remembers the friends I had when I was nine, and she speaks as someone who does have a lovely group of friends and cannot conceive that she will ever find any as good elsewhere. The closest of them are actually moving away too but - although I was informed that it will be ok for us to move to either Brighton or Canada (!!!) - that apparently doesn't change anything...

guineapiglet Wed 13-Feb-13 12:07:30

Yes, I know how you feel, my kids reacted in the same way, and at certain times since we have been here, still do! I think it is a lot easier for her to make friends in a new primary ( and you too, I don't know any of my kids' new friends' parents really) than in a new HS, although the summer camp made it a bit easier, it is hard to start a school/new area without knowing a soul. In the end we had to move for job reasons, so there was no real choice. My daughter at 6th form college is very happy and is pleased we moved, despite the tears initially. My son seems settled and has adapted well, it takes time and alot of effort! smile

Gingerandproud Mon 18-Feb-13 22:09:09

Guinea - I grew upon Greenhill Rd, definitely a good choice!

Gingerandproud Thu 21-Feb-13 19:45:52

Confused- how did the visit go?

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