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Moving to Arundel, West Sussed - School advice needed please!

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hippppy Wed 06-Feb-13 22:11:35


We will be moving to Arundel on the 23rd Feb.

My son is due to start secondary school in september this year! I know we will be late admissions now, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that.

I believe my catchment schools are Littlehampton Academy and The Angmering School. I have also read about a new free school opening in September, Chichester Free School.

Please can anyone give me a bit of a 'heads up' regarding the schools in my area - also, any others that I would be close to or able to apply for in the surrounding area.

I really have no idea other than ofsted reports. Does anyone actually know where the Chichester Free School will be?

Anyone got children at the above schools??

Starting to panic - Its all getting very close, and until I am living in Arundel I will not be able to start looking at the schools - and we are already LATE admissions!

Thank you all!! Ky

hippppy Wed 06-Feb-13 22:26:19

No - I think my catchment schools are Westergate Community School and Littlehampton Academy.. Oh I dont now - starting to flap !

superslim Fri 08-Feb-13 20:42:03

My children both go to Westergate (yr7 & 9) I looked at many schools, Felpham, St Philip Howard, Chichester High and Littlehampton Aacademy but not Angmering -I was most impressed with Westergate as there is a newish headmaster (4yrs or so) who is improving the school with good results and I liked the new buildings with fantastic sports and drama facilities. Any problems I have are dealt with very quickly and I feel with the small pupil numbers in comparison to other schools in the area it is harder for students to get "lost" so if you need to speak to the headmaster at his Thurs pm surgery he knows who your child is - HTH

cuggles Sat 09-Feb-13 18:21:19

I am a secondary teacher although in Hampshire but live in your area. I agree with superslim re: Westergate being on the up and also smaller is, I think good.
TLA (Littlehampton) has lots of brand new buildings and a very "visible" head which I value but it is very big. I went there as a pupil and did well but you can feel a bit lost esp. if new to area perhaps. However, I have friends with children there and a nephew and neice, all of whom are very happy and a friend's child moved there after bullying at previous (private) school and settled very well, he is extremely happy!
I have attended the free school meetings and looked into it and I must say the headteacher was really inspiring...I came out desperate to work there! Very much being based around a Independent school system with prep sessions after school etc and is going to focus on depth before breadth in their curriculum (ie strong literacy/numeracy focus and maybe not "newer" or "vocational" subjects) The team behind it seemed very committed and great. There is in their literature a strong focus on being a "family" within the school, lots of pastoral input. It is going to be a through school 4-18 BUT no site yet and so will be in temporary accomodation for initial 12-18 months and no exact location even for that has been announced yet.
I am a little concerned as I started my career in a new school and we were much much more organised for a Sept. start than they are so far and they are opening with 4 yr groups (r and 1 and 7 and 8) where we opened with one! They have only appointed the head so far who starts at Easter, I guess more is going on behind the scenes though! Overall though - I loved it BUT anyone can talk the talk, they have yet to walk the walk!

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