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Has anyone had a child who spent Year 7 socialising and being the class clown and then buckled down? Or is it all downhill from here?

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sandyballs Tue 05-Feb-13 08:52:48

DD (nearly 12) is driving me to distraction. She's reasonably bright, left primary with all level 5 SATS. Her levels have now dropped, most are 4's. All her targets say things like "concentrate in class more", "listen in class more", "talk less". You get the drift. She has managed to acquire 12 detentions since starting this school in September, mostly for things like forgetting homework (she did it but left it at home), forgetting calculator for maths. However last night I noticed another one in her planner for "silly behaviour" in PE which is a completely different thing from homework and missing equipment. There was also a text to a friend saying what a laugh PE had been hmm.

I'm so disappointed in her and me and DH have had several chats with her, the latest being Sunday, so to see that detention yesterday means not a single thing went into that head of hers. She seems to treat school like a big social occasion to impress her mates and doesn't seem at all bothered by detentions, which worries me at this early stage of secondary education. I also have to inspect her on the way out the door as she's suddenly discovered blusher and mascara!

Should we be so worried or am I over-reacting to her behaviour due to her twin sister who is the model student. Has already acquired 150 merits and got a prize from the Head of Year, hasn't got a single detention and plans to be the first student to leave the school without any. Her levels are up from primary school and she takes great care and makes huge effort. She would be very upset to get a single detention, let alone 12!

Haven't had a parents evening yet, not one until April which seems ridiculous to me. I'm tempted to make an appointment to see someone before then to discuss her attitude and behaviour.

Cheer me up with tales of kids who were like this at the start of secondary and left with top marks and glowing reports grin.

mathanxiety Sat 09-Feb-13 05:30:08

Bella if it gives you hope -- DS was voted funniest boy in his class and most likely to become a famous computer hacker by his classmates at age 14 and is now doing a serious science degree in a very good university.

BellaVita Sat 09-Feb-13 17:53:39

Any bit of hope is a bonus math grin.

I am on edge at the minute though and will be all this coming week... He has gone skiing with the school and I just hope he does not clown around on the slopes and think he knows better than the ski instructor. There are only two yr8's - him and another girl all the rest are yr10's and 11's and I know for sure he will take this as a sign to act the big guy in front of them.

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