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Central London schools for boys

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luckywinner Mon 04-Feb-13 11:29:45

This may be a bit premature but dh and I are trying to decide whether to stay in London or to move nearer family to the Cirencester area. I would really like to stay in London but I need to be armed with school info to persuade dh to stay. I need to make a list of schools that may be an option for an articulate boy, who needs a kick up the bum in terms of motivation. He is your typical middle of the road boy. He is not hugely academic but he is bright. I also have two girls, but in our area I am sorted for girls. I am struggling a bit for him though.

We are currently in a state c of e primary school in central london. We go to church so that may be a possibility. I know I can look at school league tables but I would like to find the right school for him, rather than tutoring him to pass an entrance exam, for him then to struggle if he got in. I am open to independent, but really would prefer state, (partly financial reasons, and partly because I was failed by a fee-paying school, so am not sure that would solve our problems).

I think this may be a slight dream school list, but I really don't know where to start. All my friends have dds so have a few options, and can't give me any idea re boys. I can't ask head of school as she is heavily waited towards feeder school, which I am not sure is right for ds.

I hope I don't come across as being pfb, I just have no idea where to start!

Katryn Wed 06-Feb-13 10:16:37

Twyford Church of England Secondary, has a good reputation fairly near to where we live in West London - but it's not central London.

posadas Wed 06-Feb-13 10:24:40

What schools have you considered so far? Have you looked at the "good schools guide" for at least a start in identifying schools? if you gave a list of secondary schools near you (ie in the geographic area you'd consider reasonable), perhaps people could respond with specific insights about those schools.

sugarfoot Wed 06-Feb-13 17:20:11

Have a look at Pimlico Academy and Chelsea Academy. Both new-ish but outstanding Ofsteds.

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