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Dulwich 11/13+ 2013 Interviews

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WishIdbeenatigermum Fri 15-Feb-13 19:25:50

Don't panic wjch! Some will reject places because they've got into a school nearer home, or where they have siblings, or they've got an even bigger scholarship elsewhere!

wjchoihk Fri 15-Feb-13 18:54:20

Another one is the famous W on a mumsnet thread. That one is also good. But just wonder how many will decline D offers at 13+......

WishIdbeenatigermum Fri 15-Feb-13 18:26:37

Which is the other school? There's a good chance of getting in from the wait list, so I really shouldn't worry!

wjchoihk Fri 15-Feb-13 16:48:20

My DS (13+) was waitlisted at Dulwich today.. Not a ideal outcome.. Would it be possible to get off from it? We have an offer from other school, so at least somewhere to go, but I would really like DS to get in D......

Kalg Sat 02-Feb-13 10:22:08

Well done and very best of luck.

wjchoihk Fri 01-Feb-13 18:03:09

Kalg I know this feeling. This is our second try year. Letter came yesterday and interview set up for Monday. It says boys will read a passage and some Q&A with teachers as part of the interview. As my son is non-native speaker of English, it is quite nervous. Proud of my poor son reaching interview stage.

I hope you hear a good news as well. Fingers crossed!

Kalg Fri 01-Feb-13 17:23:48

Have you heard from Dulwich yet? We still haven't heard. This is so nerve racking!

Kalg Wed 30-Jan-13 21:57:29

Thanks for that - hopefully we'll find out in the next couple of days.

If the schools all turn state, we'll all end up paying 60% tax! I would rather the state schools were all brought up to a good standard to give parents more realistic options. In the meantime, a tax break would be very welcome or allow the money that would have been paid to a state school for our child to go towards a private school. We're paying lads of tax and still having to pay for private education!

wjchoihk Wed 30-Jan-13 21:43:32

Nope. I know none. Its the interview schedule on school website.

I propose all sensible, hardworking british middle clase parents stand up and force govt to change whole school system^ ^ Make them all state and ready to pay some fees, say 1000 per term.

Seems like 'heritage' is too big for Britain to go that route.....

Kalg Wed 30-Jan-13 21:20:45

Do you know of boys at 13 plus entry having interviews scheduled already? This system is new to me as well. I would happily send my ds to a state school if there was a good one close by. There are private schools outside of London that have much lower fees. The state can't afford to turn every school state. It would be better to have a tax break on the school fees.

wjchoihk Wed 30-Jan-13 20:22:23

As a foreigner struggling to cope with system, still think UK should make early education at least upto GCSE a level field by making all schools quasi-state with very small school fees...
Many industrialized countries like Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Japan and newly-developed Asian tigers do that.... So does even US.
(not to offend anyone though.....)

wjchoihk Wed 30-Jan-13 20:13:42

Interviews are scheduled in next week so maybe next 2-3 days would be almost-make or break? It it true that they only interview those who they would offer with v small number of backups?

Kalg Wed 30-Jan-13 19:18:36

We haven't heard yet either. Emanuel phoned us six days after the exam, so it is probably a bit early yet. I'm trying to keep busy to stop thinking about it!

wjchoihk Tue 29-Jan-13 15:23:34

Has anyone whose sons sat last Saturday for 13+ heard from Dulwich for interview yet? 11+ interviews seem to be already over, but any input would be extremely helpful to endure this time of wait. I think about 200 boys sat for 70 13+ places.

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