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Private education - would you?

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BegoniaBampot Mon 28-Jan-13 23:22:48

If you could easily afford private education, would you choose it for your kids? Have a son starting secondary school in September, husband is keen on private, I'm not so sure but worried I'm making the wrong choice I might regret. The local high school we have applied for is fine with a relatively good rep, not considered crap and son is quite happy with it. Hate that we are running out of time.

wordfactory Mon 04-Feb-13 09:07:31

OP you've left it too late to do the 11+ to be honest.
And if you were to think of entrance to public school at 13, what will you do with your son in the meantime? You might get a place at prep if you're lucky, I suppose.

Anyhoo, for what it's worth, DH and I went to...^ahem^...challenging comprehensives and did well (got to Oxbridge, earned a buck etc). We decided to go private for our DC. Had misgivings prior. Big ones actually...but not any more. They're teenagers and doing wonderfully well.

teta Tue 05-Feb-13 12:49:53

You have probably left it too late for this year.See how you feel about your high school a year down the line and apply a year or two later.I did this with my dd1.I have to say i am so glad i did this.Her very bright previous compatriots are all choosing drama/woodwork/art gcse's [some doing no foreign languages] even though they are well able to get good university degrees.The so called 'good' local comp.doesn't seem to care about their pupils futures.The phrase 'poverty of aspirations' really does echo in my mind at the moment.But there are some good state schools and some bad private schools[dd1 was in a very bad one overseas for several years].Your ds will learn tenacity and perseverance and how to push himself forward.These are valuable lessons and will help him if you transfer schools at a later date.

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