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Colet Court 11+ exam

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Laar Mon 28-Jan-13 01:08:30

Hello! I have a son sitting the Colet Court 11+ exam nxt Saturday and am looking for any insight into the exam. The website is very vague and they don't offer past papers. Can anyone whose son sat it in the last few years help? The comprehension is 45mins - is it a standard 8 - 12 questions type? are there any grammar exercises? Is the essay one 45 min essay or a number of shorter ones? is the maths Kings Wimbledon standard or harder?! Questions questions!
many thanks in advance

posadas Mon 28-Jan-13 14:32:08

The school website has detailed information about the exams. If you still have questions, I'm sure someone at the school will be able to help you understand what is covered by the tests and how the tests are structured, even if they don't (understandably) offer practice tests.

Eastpoint Tue 29-Jan-13 08:57:24

Please check the website again as it tells you that the first part of the examination is a reasoning examination and only successful candidates will be invited back to sit part B which involves written tests in maths & english. There is a syllabus on the website & a practice reasoning test.

Laar Tue 29-Jan-13 14:46:37

Thanks - yes, I have already checked the web site. He did the reasoning test back in December. I am talking about the Part B exam on Saturday. I have read everything on the website and the purpose of my post was to try to get some additional insight from parents of boys who had sat the exam last year.

PureQuintessence Tue 29-Jan-13 22:41:36

Maybe you can do a search, I remember having seen threads about Colet Court and St Pauls before.

We were considering applying, but chose not to in the end.

posadas Wed 30-Jan-13 17:41:11

well done to your son for passing the reasoning test!
have you tried asking the school for more information about the format of the test? (sorry to ask something so obvious -- no doubt you've thought of it already).
I'm not sure the format matters, though, as long as your son is prepared for the general type of questions -- ie it doesn't matter whether he has to write one essay or several short ones as long as he's a competent writer and is comfortable writing under some time pressure.
Sorry not to be able to help any more.
Good luck to your son!

Laar Thu 31-Jan-13 11:36:25

Thank you very much! Fingers crossed for Saturday - our last exam. Latymer interview in the afternoon though, so a big day!

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