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Do you need GCSEs to take A Levels?

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candyapple Sun 27-Jan-13 08:08:26

Hi everyone. My first post here. I've been reading the forum for a couple of weeks after hearing about it from a friend.

My situation is this. I lived in Australia for 6 years with OH and 15 year old daughter. We are all keen to move back to the UK.

Daughter will be in Yr 10 and taking year 10 exams at the end of the year which is similar to GCSEs. Then in Yr 11 & 12 students do the 2 year course which is similar to A Levels with their exam score determining which Uni they can apply for.

My dilemma is if we move back to the UK at the end of the year can my daughter just take A levels at a 6th form college without GCSEs 'UK style'.

I have emailed a couple of private colleges at random who said they do not require GCSEs and 1 state 6th form college who said they would need to interview my daughter to assess her level of education and her attitude/apptitude towards studying and that each case was looked at on merit. However, a query to Edexcel gave me the reply that students DO need GCSEs to take A levels regardless of whether they attend private or state 6th form college.

I'm not sure if anyone can help me but thought I'd ask anyway. I am totally confused with the whole situation tbh.

Just to make things more awkward the Aussie school year is Jan-Dec and I kow the UK one is Sep-Jul so we would have to look at her doing something if we moved back in say March next year until term started in Sept.

My daughter is fairly intelligent and is in top groups for Maths/Science/German/S&E and in Academic Extension for English (for Gifted and Talented students) if this info helps.

I'd be grateful for any advice, leads or information. TIA smile

harbingerofdoom Wed 30-Jan-13 15:35:10

A slight word of warning about taking the IB route.
If your daughter is hoping to go to university,there is a tendency,at the moment for IB appliants to be given 'harder' offers.

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