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Magdalen College School decline

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Honestyisbest Fri 25-Jan-13 11:47:06
heres the link re the tables.

Honestyisbest Fri 25-Jan-13 11:28:04

The league table is flawed. Doesn't include igcse etc etc, read the small print. Pates school scored zero apparently as government doesn't recognise the qualifications they do. Look on school websites for actual results and subjects taken. Don't get sucked in by league tables anyway, they are rarely the whole story. Our local grammar school puts children in for a series of gcses from year 9 so that their cumulative score looks fantastic! Its not whole picture. In general at MCS they do linear courses that are all taken in year 11, only maths is an early option.
Thewomanwithniname...what a load of tripe! My son is at MCS. Is yours? Pastoral care is first class, as is passion for learning. Extracurricular is also first class. Something for everyone. Many music gps, vocal groups, cadets, judo, many many sports, fencing, drama, Lamda, chess, debating, rowing, D of E, surfing club (trips to Wales), golf, sailing, united nations, alpha course, school now even has a climbing wall on the side of a new building. Honestly the list goes on......what is it that is missing for you?
I personally know parents in the junior school. Very few didn't go onto senior school last Sept. In fact I think two boys, I can find out. The senior school isn't for everyone and is definitely not for those who need to be 'pushed'. Have you tried 'pushing' a fifteen year old teenager who is taller than you. They have to want to learn and be motivated to keep up with homework.
As for your comment, OP, re universities, 50 oxbridge offers to this current upper sixth. Most get their first choice uni.
I heard a lot of rumours before my son chose MCS, there are a lot of sour grapes.
We are absolutely delighted. Having a teenage boy is not easy at times, but MCS totally understands how the work. The relationships with teachers/tutors is really fantastic. If you have any further queries OP do pm me, I am not going to get into a debate on here, just couldn't let those comments pass.

Thewomanwithnoname Fri 25-Jan-13 09:49:37

I live in Oxford and know quite a lot about it frankly Im not very impressed with it when compared to other in a similar league. . There are quite a lot of stressed out children although lots of very pushy parents as well so the two may be linked! I've found the school small minded petty and parochial with limited extra curricular activities again in comparison with others e.g. St Pauls. I"m sure others will tell you a different story but it has quite a few leave especially in the junior school.

SophiL Fri 25-Jan-13 09:27:10

Magdalen appears to have shot down the league tables in A level and GCSE results. There are stories of stressed out kids from the pressure, performance not being sustained at University and some Unis not wanting children from this school as they are too coached. Has anyone heard that Magdalen is having problems under the current Master?

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