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Worried about GCSE predicted grades slipping.

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Haystack Thu 24-Jan-13 22:06:31

No problem porkster hijack away!

Your ds sounds very similar to my dd. Watch out for the odd dropped marks though as over a number of assessments they can make it hard to make it back up to the A* level.

Thank you web wiz it maybe they are trying to wake her up as she is carrying a good A just a few marks off an A* for her 1st physics and chemistry modules but they are now predicting her B's not the A*'s of her last report, I was a little confused - not sure it will work with her though more likely to say sod it then I won't try - like boasting she did not finish her chemistry exam today-ahhhh!

Porkster Thu 24-Jan-13 21:33:26

Sorry op - hijack.

Porkster Thu 24-Jan-13 21:29:04

Thanks webwiz, he's got another of the bloody things next month. This one's on films, maybe that'll be more his sort of thing than Shakespeare!

Any ideas how I could help him? Good study guides? CA's weren't around in my day, even though I did GCSEs. <old gimmer>

webwiz Thu 24-Jan-13 21:21:51

Well if he was one mark off an A in both controlled assessments Porkster then he could make that up either in another controlled assessment or in the exam so no need to panic yet smile

Porkster Thu 24-Jan-13 21:15:08

Ooh can I join?

My ds is predicted all A* at gcse. He's in yr 10 and has had 2 controlled assessments in English this school year. He has got a B in both (& was one mark off an A in both). I'm feeling quite despondent about it all & wonder if he could even get an A in 2014 now?

He's also G&T, wtf that means.

webwiz Thu 24-Jan-13 21:09:46

It sounds like the school are just trying to deliver a wake up call to stop her drifting into lower grades. If she has already achieved reasonable marks in controlled assessments and revises properly there is no reason why she can't do very well in the summer.

I'm in full nag mode for DS at the moment because he has the potential to do really well but can be a little bit "unfocused" hmm

Haystack Thu 24-Jan-13 20:45:21

Just had dd1's parent's eve and report and got quite a surprise to find that the grades she had been predicted last summer have dropped consistently by one grade and in two cases by 2 grades. She has always been in the top sets for everything and on the G&T register for lots of subjects (not that that means anything just that she had always done well previously) She is lazy but toes the line when it comes to coursework etc. I don't know how to broach it with her as she is just saying she doesn't care when I am sure she does.

I am worried I am missing something that is knocking her self confidence or is just preventing her from achieving her best.

She should pass but potentially, probably not at the grades she needs to do her chosen subjects at A level, something she is unwilling to contemplate.

Trying not to get stressed but failing - has anyone had a child turn themselves around at this late stage or any suggestions as to how best to support her?

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