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Are GCSE controlled assessments transferrable?

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glaurung Sat 19-Jan-13 01:33:29

Yes domino they were done in year 10 and submitted at the end of year 11. I see the issue you are getting at is that the titles of the essays/tasks will change if you try and do them too far in advance, so while the OP could transfer the work, it would have to be submiitted before the end of year 11 to be valid.

Dominodonkey Sat 19-Jan-13 00:17:16

"notnow" is correct. It will not be possible.

Because she is doing them in year 9 they will not be valid for submission at the end of year 11. The CAs for assessment at the end of her year 11 would not have even been published when she does them.

glauraung I am assuming that your child did the assessments in year 10 so they were for the correct year of entry.

mummytime Fri 18-Jan-13 19:56:46

What Ilovegeorgeclooney says is true, at least in England. There are as far as I know no January exams next year.

Ilovegeorgeclooney Fri 18-Jan-13 19:51:49

There wont be a January exam in 2014 in English, I believe there will only be summer exams from this year. There will be an exam in November 2013. Any moderated marks can be transferred in the same exam series.

glaurung Thu 17-Jan-13 20:36:20

Dd changed school in year 11 and transferred completed controlled assessments, (including English, and even an incomplete one that she finished at the new school) over, but they had not yet been submitted to the exam board for marking. She also transferred some completed GCSE exam modules. With the new terminal rules I don't think you would be able to transfer any modules that had already been submitted (it shouldn't even be possible to submit part qualifications any more), but you should be able to get the completed work transferred the across for the new school to submit when she completes the GCSE - obviously the old school will have to securely post it and all the associated documentation to the new one, but it should be doable.

notnowImreading Thu 17-Jan-13 19:47:08

It is possible to transfer controlled assessments between schools but not to delay entering them. This means that if she completes controlled assessments in year 9, starts a new school in year 10 and enters the exam in year 11, she will probably have to start again because her CAs would be for the wrong entry period (ie she would have done the 2014 tasks and have to enter in 2015). They are different each year.

Whathaveiforgottentoday Thu 17-Jan-13 19:37:16

of course I know it may be different for english and you're not asking about science!!

Whathaveiforgottentoday Thu 17-Jan-13 19:36:03

I would ring the exam board and ask. There's been so many changes recently I really couldn't answer this.

For science she probably would have to restart as the assessed coursework paper is only used for 1 year.

Muminwestlondon Thu 17-Jan-13 13:14:08

A question:

DD is in year 9 and is likely to start at another school in year 10 and will start the new linear GCSEs as a two year course, with final exams in June 2015.

She will complete a large part of her English Language GCSE this year and if she was to stay at her current school would complete it next January, 2014.

If she moves school and they do the same exam board, can she bring her already completed English components with her (curently in line for an A/A*) and do the rest of the exam at the end of year 11 with her year group? Or given the changes to the GCSEs, does she have to start again from scratch?

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