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SBSA Schools - particularly Wellington Academy, Andover

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moutier Fri 08-Mar-13 14:57:16

Try Wymondham or Burford. avoid wellington at all cost...go and sit outside the gates at hometime

njaw Wed 16-Jan-13 20:59:27


We are looking at moving our Year 8 DS ahead of Year 9 and with no preferred options in the local area, the SBSA system seems to make sense. We can't currently afford to put him into the private education system as his older brother is approaching university, but could afford boarding at an SBSA school. Wellington Academy looks like a good option because of where we are in the UK and is clearly benefiting from the huge investment of Wellington College.

Does anyone have any experience of SBSA schools and whether it works well? Any feedback on Wellington Academy would be fantastic as it seems very hard to come by at the current time smile


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